AFKDAO IGO Whitelist

AFKDAO IGO Whitelist

Active IDO Whitelists

Gamestarter is excited to announce our latest IGO AFKDAO on May 20th! AFKDAO is a DeFi infrastructure for utility NFTs featuring the decentralized NFT asset management protocol and non-collateral lending pool solution for game NFT assets powered by the delegation functionality of its proprietary ERC-4610 protocol

Registration Opens: May 15th at 11:00AM UTC

Registration Closes: When $25 base allocation is reached or May 19th at 11:00PM UTC

Lottery Winners Announced: May 20th at 11:00AM UTC

IGO starts: May 20th at 12:00PM UTC

IGO ends: May 21st at 2:00AM UTC

FCFS round: May 21st at 1:00AM UTC

Name: $AFK

Access: @ Public via Gamestarter IGO

Price Per Token: $0.05

Tokens for sale: 2,000,000

Total Allocation: $100,000

$GAME holder’s vote: We are rapidly developing a safe and convenient system for Gamestarter and DAO Maker and are expecting to host a vote soon. Stay tuned for more info!

AFKDAO – Community Round

AFKDAO & Gamestarter


Complete the tasks to have a chance of winning one spot in the upcoming AFKDAO IGO on Gamestarter


To participate in this community round, you need to complete all tasks at here

*Winners are going to be notified via email. Make sure to check your SPAM folder during the registration phase


AFKDAO is a decentralized protocol that boosts the buildup of play-to-earn economies. It provides potential investors with an easy gateway to access investment opportunities in gaming and metaverse projects through initial game-asset offerings and automated play-to-earn strategies, bringing gaming projects, guilds, and players together from the commencement of a project.

Through the DAO governance, the community will be able to decide the portfolio games, admit guilds, and treasury strategies for the best interest of the DAO, creating the strongest and the largest player syndicate in the play-to-earn space.

AFK developed the ERC-4610 protocol, an open-sourced ERC-721 extension. Compatible NFTs will have native rentability without relying on a certain platform. This would reduce the worry of projects getting shut down by platforms and having the business process disrupted later on. For projects to adopt ERC-4610, we provide lightweight SDKs for both native ERC-4610 development and wrapped NFT situations without any interference from the existing in-game process.

IGO Launchpad
AFK IGO Launchpad is a launchpad for game asset NFTs from some finest and most promising gaming projects. Their hand-picked game assets are compatible with the NFT delegator protocol and ready for Game Aggregator since day 1. The access to these assets is determined by AFK Point systems, which helps AFKDAO screen and retain loyal community members who are really dedicated to building the play-to-earn economy.

AFK Aggregator
AFK Game Aggregator allows NFT owners to put their game assets into use with a user experience close to DeFi yield aggregator with automated play-to-earn strategies. Through proprietary NFT delegator protocol, guilds and pro-gamers are able to raise NFT game assets, share profits, and charge fees without the need for custodianship.

Non-collateral NFT Rental Pool Protocol
NFT owners will be able to stake their assets at any time and instantly receive dynamic interest while getting access to indefinite players who are renting at a dynamic interest rate at the same time. With the delegator, owners would only be lending the access to utilizing the NFTs but not the ownership itself.

$AFK Token Utility

$AFK fuels the AFKDAO ecosystem and gives everyone access to enjoy the growth of some finest metaverse projects.


Use $AFK to mint AFK badges which grant accesses to different levels of special rights and benefits.


AFKDAO aims to become the largest DAO economy in the metaverse. Fees generated will be converted into $AFK and pooled for incentives to boost our usage and AUM.


Participate in the governance of AFKDAO, including proposal initiating, voting on proposals regarding treasury matters.

Levels system

Gamestarter uses a Levels system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start from 5k $GAME being staked in the IGO staking pool and go up to 150k $GAME. The multiple assigned to each level calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise.

There are also lower lottery levels, starting from 750 $GAME which gives you a much higher chance of obtaining an allocation when compared to the public whitelist.

You can view the Levels here:

Staking $GAME to access the IGO

⚠️Important: now you can stake $GAME to participate in IGOs and earn $GAME at the same time! Please read the instructions¬†HERE.🚀

Once you’ve got some $GAME (note only BEP-20 $GAME is accepted in AFKDAO) in your wallet, stake in by completing the following steps:

  1. Approve the interaction
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Stake number of $GAME you want to stake
  4. Register for the IGO you want to participate in!

Once the pool page opens for AFKDAO, make sure to register for the IGO so you get your spot secured. You can easily register via Metamask, Wallet Connect or Trust Wallet.


KYC will be provided in the registration panel. Make sure you have a valid document and mobile/computer camera at hand. The KYC confirmation will take anywhere from 2 minutes to 6 hours. A driver’s license is accepted, but a passport might shorten the confirmation time.

Participants (citizens) from the following countries are strictly excluded/not allowed to participate in the IGOs on Gamestarter launchpad: Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Rep, Congo DR, Cuba, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine Regions of Crimean and Sevastopol, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

🇺🇸USA: restricted country for¬†AFKDAO. ⚠️¬†Note:¬†American citizens may participate in IGOs on Gamestarter ONLY if they submit to our full legal guidelines. The participation will be decided individually for each project. However, all Gamestarter Originals will welcome participants from the USA.

Registration to participate

Once the pool page opens for AFKDAO , make sure to register for the IGO so you get your spot secured. You can easily register via Metamask, Wallet Connect or Trust Wallet.

Important: if you do not register, you will not be included in the whitelist. ⚠️

Receiving your tokens

$AFK¬†will be distributed to participants‚Äô wallet addresses¬†automatically¬†‚ÄĒ exact time TBA.


AFKDAO is a DeFi infrastructure for utility NFTs featuring the decentralised NFT asset management protocol and non-collateral lending pool solution for game NFT assets powered by the delegation functionality of its proprietary ERC-4610 protocol

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About Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a complete gaming ecosystem that brings a new standard for blockchain gaming by building a multichain launchpad & NFT marketplace.

Gamestarter also has an in-house game studio focused on building high-quality blockchain games (Gamestarter Originals) like Dark Frontiers & Pixel Pix. Gamestarter Accelerator acts as an investor and advisor to promising games like Souni and Crypto Fight Club.

Gamestarter adds liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to the largest entertainment industry in the world.

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