Backstage Giveaway

Backstage Giveaway

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Welcome to¬†SafeLaunch¬†X Backstage partnership Giveaway 🤑

💎We are excited to announce the partnership between Safelaunch and Backstage.


Backstage is a decentralized ecosystem powering the events industry, specializing in events, and with a pioneering event financing ecosystem powered by BKS token and NFTs.they are pleased to lead a paradigm shift in the way people will consume entertainment.
Unlike most crypto projects right now, Backstage offers solutions for the real world. There are already 500 mainstream businesses in the Backstage ecosystem that are ready to integrate Backstage’s technology in their business activities from day one.
By buying one single NFT ticket, buyers get many perks around the world (discounts on accommodation, airline tickets, meet and greet A-list artists, VIP access & many more years.

We’re giving away¬†$1000 worth of $BKS¬†to commemorate this partnership. 🔥
💢Campaign 1: Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to Win from $600 worth of $BKS
Follow the steps below and become one of the¬†60 winners¬†who will get $10 worth of $BKS💰.
💢Campaign 2: Invite Friends to Share $400 worth of $BKS
Invite your friends to join the campaign with the below referral link, and the top 2 referrers will get $200 worth of $BKS each. 
💡Follow the steps below to enter: 💡
N/B: More actions increase your chances to win 🏆
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