Better Airdrop

Better Airdrop

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In order to celebrate the upcoming launch of Better, A prediction market on HECO, we’re pleased that United Better has announced an Airdrop of $100,000 worth of $BET!
Registration open till:10 July 2021

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Follow and join DAOStarter’s social media channels
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Retweet the airdrop tweet # BSC #defi #heco 3 friends

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About Better

Better is a decentralized blockchain lossless betting App, it aims to become the blockchain industry-leading prediction market, to achieve the predictability of everything.

Better deposits users’ funds into the compound, YFI, and other lending or yield-Aggregator protocols, and use the income obtained as a prize for the entire prediction market platform. The platform will regularly automatically allocate prizes based on the user’s prediction results and predicted voting weight after the prediction event ends. Regardless of whether the user’s prediction result is correct or not, all users’ principal can be withdrawn at any time without any loss.

key point

Every time you invite one more friend to complete this activity, you will get extra airdrop bonus

· Please help us out by tweeting about this airdrop and tagging us @DaoStarter!

Airdrop will be sent to your wallet address by 10 July. As always, please keep your private keys safe!
– Better reserves the right to make the final decision on the airdrop. Bots are strictly not allowed. We take steps to ensure that applicants are are real and active.