Bizverse World Beta Launching Bounty

Bizverse World Beta Launching Bounty

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Bizverse – The Metaverse for Business officially launching beta version with 4 main functions: Bizverse World, Bizverse Social, Bizverse Meet and Bizverse 360 Space & My 360 Space. With this beta version, we hope to receive feedback from users to improve and develop a more complete product.

1. Instructions for creating an account on Bizverse

To create an account on Bizverse World, you can watch the video tutorial below.

  • Click here to register for Web App
  • Mobile App: can be downloaded after a week

2. Main functions in the Bizverse Beta Version

2.1. Bizverse World

Bizverse World builds a world based on real-world data, including all countries and cities in the world. Here users can tour around the Bizverse World, manage the assets owned by NFTs, and quickly bring their business activities into the Bizverse World.

Bizverse World
Bizverse World

Access link is here

Bizverse World’s key features in beta are as follows:

  • Explore the world of Bizverse by conducting a search: with full Map functionality (My position, Directions, Share, 2D/3D Mode, Zoom, Up/Down, Rotate, Search).
  • View real-time, country, and city information at the user’s position on Map Bizverse. As the user moves the Map, the system will automatically display the appropriate information.
  • Integrating Bizverse Social services on Bizverse World, allowing users to manage (New feed, Wall, Group, Page, Album, Event, Message, Friend, Create 3D Character, manage business operations, etc).
  • Organize meetings and online learning sessions, and tour 360-degree spaces.
  • Proposing to purchase land on the map on which to construct a home, a mall, or an exchange, as well as buy and sell.
  • Join the Bizverse system’s enticing titles.
  • Watch movies at Bizverse cinemas in 360 space.

2.2. Bizverse Social

Bizverse Social is a social networking site built into the Bizverse system, a place to connect people and a place to do business, exchange, buy and sell online and Earn. Like the Internet, Bizverse Social creates a flat world – where there is no longer a geographical distance, allowing people to post, share status products, and interact with others.

Bizverse Social

Click here to register

In this Beta Version, Bizverse Social provides the following main features:

  • Earn VRA: by interacting (create new post, like, share, comment, affiliate) on Bizverse Social.
  • Search for friends.
  • Chat, interact with friends anytime, anywhere, just need an Internet connection.
  • Establish groups and forums to share and learn together.
  • Upload and share photos, videos, stories,…
  • Create 3D characters: allows users to create their own 3D characters with 2 options: Full body 3D character and Half body 3D character to use as avatars, participate in Bizverse’s Spaces.
  • Play Bizverse Games: the system builds a variety of games with many different forms. In particular, there is a separate Game Center application for entertainment users and Earn VRA.

2.3. Bizverse Meet

Bizverse Meet is an application that helps users organize online meetings/learning on the Web platform. Users can share content, give presentations, chat, interact with others participating in the space.

Bizverse Meet

Access link:

Bizverse Meet’s main features in this Beta version are as follows:

  • Host meetings/online learning sessions with an unlimited number of participants and time allotted for participation.
  • Manipulation of the invitation process to make it easier for others to join.
  • The meeting/online learning content is protected by a password set by the organizer, ensuring maximum safety and security.
  • Make a recording of the meeting or online learning for future reference.
  • Presentation of documents, spreadsheets, or presentations via screen sharing.

2.4. Bizverse 360 Space

Bizverse builds free shared 360 spaces that allow users to access the spaces to visit and experience 360 ​​Space technology while also being a place for users to organize meetings, training, and teaching online and experience 360 ​​technology together.

Especially when participating in the 360 space of Bizverse, users will use 3D characters (choose from the default 3D character list or use 3D characters that users have created on the Bizverse system). Here, it allows users to share the screen to watch together, present, chat, and interact with other people participating in the space.

Bizverse 360 Space
Bizverse 360 Space

Access link:

In this Beta version, 360 Space provides the following main features:

  • Organizing meetings, training, teaching, watching videos, visiting in 360 space of Bizverse.
  • The spaces will be created by the system for all users to share.
  • users can invite others to join Bizverse’s 360 space quickly by link or Code to visit, exchange, and talk together like in real life.

2.5. Bizverse My 360 Space

My 360 Space – where users can create to manage their own 360 spaces. Allow sharing, invite others to visit, experience, interact with each other: chat, share screen to present. In addition to the user-created Spaces, the system will provide shared Spaces for everyone to experience 360 Space.

Bizverse My 360 Space

Access link: 

Bizverse My 360 Space provides the following main features in this Beta version:

  • Create your own new Space and share it with others.
  • Organizing meetings, training, and teaching, as well as watching videos and touring in 360 degrees.

3. Bounty Hunter Challenges

We are always dedicated to providing a great user experience. So we decided to hold an event called “Bounty Hunter Challenges”, we hope to receive various bugs and errors from users that experience this Beta Version. Any bugs reported to us are reviewed by our devs and qualified ones will be awarded according to the rules below. The higher the score, the greater the chance of receiving more prizes.


One very special and important thing is that “those tokens you earn in this beta version will be kept in the official version and traded after listing.” Bounty Hunter Challenges with a total prize value of $1000 for those who find serious and meaningful bugs. If you see any bugs, please help us to report via this link:

Above are the 4 main functions of Bizverse World Beta Version. Please visit the link, create an account to become the earliest users of Bizverse and have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts.