Bluewheel Mining Club x Katana Inu Joint Airdrop

Bluewheel Mining Club x Katana Inu Joint Airdrop

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Bluewheel Mining Club and Katana Inu celebrating the partnership with an amazing joint airdrop!

🏆Prize Pool: 100 USDT + $100 worth of $KATA

Top 20 people with the highest entries will win prizes

Top 10: 10 USDT each

Next 10: $10 worth of $KATA each

Complete each task to increase your points

Rereferring your friends will give you bonus points

Who is Katana Inu?
Katana Inu is building an ambitious gaming ecosystem based on the notion that existing P2E games do not provide; an experience that can rival that of an AAA title. The battle royale title pits players against each other with original NFTs designed with reverence paid to the internetā€™s favorite meme dog: the Shiba Inu. Katana Inuā€™s team is building bigger, better, and more aesthetically pleasing than your average blockchain game.

Who is Bluwheel Mining Club

Bluewheel Mining is a project that focuses on building a BTC mining operation backed by renewable energy as a cost-effective power source. Our community is powered by more than 300 EXISTING BTC ASIC miners and in the process of purchasing additional miners to expand in renewable energy mining while also investing in renewable energy infrastructure in North America, which will allow us to expand our mining capacity even further. By using renewable power, we are able to support the environment while also reducing our mining costs and expand with additional miners and a private data center.

Terms and Conditions

Ā The campaign will be live from the moment it has been posted on our socials until the 23rd of September at 02:00 PM UTC. After the campaign has ended, all winners will be posted on Twitter. Prizes will be sent by airdrop.
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