Bright Union IDO Whitelist

Bright Union IDO Whitelist

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So what is Bright Union?

During the recent crypto market hit, DeFi’s Total Value Locked (TVL) remained fairly stable. DeFi is here to stay and cause trouble for centralized finance solutions. There is no doubt that DeFi coverage question will come and represent the next step.

Then how it works?

Bright Union is a crypto coverage (“insurance”) aggregation platform that allows user to easily protect their capital from hacks, smart contract fails, and rug pulls. Bright Union as aggregator facilitates three key actions:

  1. Compare, buy and manage crypto coverages on different platforms from a single interface
  2. Provide coverage by staking stable coins or matured currencies on different platforms from a single interface
  3. Stake at Bright Union and become part of the DAO (the Union)

Bright Union is using these key points to come with (optional) embedded cover. To do so Bright Union has secured the following launching platform partnerships:

  1. Nexus Mutual — integration 100%
  2. Bridge Mutual — integration at 90%
  3. Cover Protocol — integration at 25%
  4. InsurAce — integration to start

Bright Union does not limit itself to being an “Aggregator”, they are also a DeFi coverage accelerator. They “make risk markets work” through their innovative Bright Treasury . In short: the Bright Treasury will take positions in the crypto risk markets, and will be able to provide additional services to users and crypto risk platforms:

  1. Bright Union Index funds (sliced and weighted risk for superb risk reward ratio)
  2. Secondary markets for crypto coverage products
  3. Tail end-risk / re-insurance

The capital in the Bright Treasury will increase with the rise in DeFi and based on the performance of the Treasury. Crypto users can invest in the Bright Treasury.

What about token utility?

  1. Access
  • Token Holders get priority for normal service
  • Token Holders are eligible for premium service

2. Governance — Staking token holders can:

  • Vote on governance of DAO
  • Influence Bright Treasury Fund allocation
  • Influence Bright Union Product Roadmap


  • Token holders can receive rewards for staking tokens in the Bright Treasury
  • Token Holders can benefit from value appreciation by investing by investing in the Bright Treasury risk pools

We strongly advise you to visit Bright Union website to discover more on this great project.

Be Bright and join the Union !

Token metrics

Initial market cap excluding liquidity: $120,000

  • Seed Price: $0.075, 6 months vesting, 10% unlocked at TGE
  • Private Price: $0.10, 6 months vesting, 5% unlocked at TGE
  • IDO Price: $0.10, 30% unlocked at TGE, 35% after 1 month of TGE, 35% after 2 months of TGE.

IDO Details:

  • Chain: Ethereum Chain
  • Date: 05 August 2021 at 11 AM UTC
  • Price per token: $0.10
  • Total allocation: $50,000

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About Bright Union

Bright Union was founded in February 2021. We are on the mission to make risk markets work for the crypto space. We are a collection of experts in crypto, technology and insurance ready to bring web3.0 to the insurance industry.