Crypto Space War Airdrop

Crypto Space War Airdrop

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Crypto Space War & BitKeep Airdrop


This event is jointly organized by Crypto Space WarĀ & BitKeep. We can provide worthly $2,000 BNB+$8000 NFT for this event.

  • Event time: 2022.06.07 03:00:00 PM – 2022.06.13 11:59PM (GMT+8)
  • Event Rules
  1. Users need to complete all tasks in gleam.ā€‹
  2. Please ensure that your airdrop address is a BitKeep wallet BSC address. If you don’t have a Bitkeep wallet address yet,Ā please download BitKeep to create it.
  3. Rewards will be distributed according to the entries ranking. All rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the event ends.

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