DPK DeFi Test

DPK DeFi Test

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TVL of $1.5 billion of DPK platform now invites core users for DeFi test

New prominent chain game platform Dontplaywithkitty.io (DPK) is going to start large-scale DeFi test, which adopts the form of all real simulation and invites core users to participate in test.

DPK platform formally deployed DeFi liquidity mining contract on Pancake and made formal trading pairs of D Token, USD Token and K Token to simulate trading pair of DPK token and USDT as well as trading pair of KIT token and USDT. In this way, in the all real environment, simulation of DPK LP liquidity mining and KIT LP liquidity mining, as well as DPK single-token staking mining can be carried out.

At the same time, DPK team is deploying the lock-up contract. Before the launch of DeFi, all the pre-mining amount, such as holding by DPK team, will be locked up in the lock-up contract. Meanwhile, DPK LP worth $1 million and KIT LP worth $400,000 will also be locked up in the contract. All contracts and addresses will be announced later.

This test is for testing numerical value, we hope every player participating in DeFi will give your feedback for numerical value to make reference for official launch of DeFi. For this test, we have prepared testing tokens of 1.5 billion USDT. All core players who love GameFi, please fill in the application form carefully and apply for the test with USDT according to your own situation, so that we can test the DeFi numerical value better.

Specific registration requirements are as follows:
Testing End: UTC 11:00, January 9th, 2022

1. The users participating in the DeFi function testing should have at least token assets valuing no less than 3000 USDT

2. Fill in bep20 wallet addresses in the form to participate in the DeFi testing

3. Fill in email addresses in the form, we will inform users of the specific time and method of participation by email

4. The amount of USDT required for testing should be clearly filled in the application form (no more than 30 million USDT Token)

Result and testing method will be emailed to you.


We will include DeFi operation tutorial, test coin contract address, test discussion group link and feedback report outline in the email, please read it carefully.

The basic numerical value for this DeFi test are as follows:

1. The first year output amount of DeFi is 15 million DPK token, accounting for 15% of the total. This numerical value will be further adjusted according to the userā€™s testing.

2. The testing contract is the official contract, DeFi contract has passed CertiK audit:Ā https://www.certik.com/projects/dpk

3. Stablecoin mining contract will be deployed separately, this test will not add stablecoin liquidity mining.

4. See the table below for specific numerical value