DPK IDO Whitelist

DPK IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

DPK Token Functions and Distribution

DPK token can change into more economic models in other games. The constant function of the DPK token is that only a limited number of players can be the master of the entire DPK platform in the future by obtaining DPK tokens. and the more players who contribute to every aspect of the game, the more DPK tokens they will have the right to get. Meanwhile, DPK platform also allows all players to obtain DPK tokens through DeFi and staking.

DPK token is the governance voucher of the DAO governance. In the future, all resolution on the DPK platform will be determined by some of the people who hold the most DPK tokens by the way of dynamic voting. DPK token is also a bearer certificate which can obtain sustainable benefits from the future platform. Each acquisition of DPK token represents a contribution to both the entire DPK system and all the users. For a long period of time, 50 percents of the transaction gas fee will be put into the public treasure fund pool to reward users who hold DPK tokens for a long time every year. As transaction volume increases, the overall gas fee increases, further increasing the proportion of gas fee in the treasure fund pool.

DPK main output channels:
1.Planetary exploration
2.Contribution ranking
3.DeFi and staking
4.Multiple game PVP ranking

Main usage scenarios of DPK token:
1.After listed on PancakeSwap, reproduction needs to consume DPK tokens
2.Planet construction requires a lot of resources to upgrade, which needs to consume a certain amount of DPK tokens to obtain.
3.Participating in annual treasure fund rewards requires holding DPK token for one year.
4.Participating in DeFi liquidity mining and DPK staking mining requires a large amount of DPK tokens.
5.Participating in DAO governance requires DPK tokens to obtain voting rights.
6.More usage scenarios in virtual communities and games will be designed.

Total DPK token amount: 100 million

50%: P2E+DeFi output

10%: DPK Team (release in 12 months after 1 year of lock-up)

10%: Consultant

15%: Market

3%: Seed sale lock-up for 6 months and then release for 10 months

10.5%: Private sale lock-up for 3 months and then release for 10 months

1.5%: Public sale

DPK token Initial Liquidity

Game(0.02%)+Consultant(1%)+Market(1.5%)+Public Sale(0.8%)=3.12%

Initial Token Circulation: 3120000

Initial Market Cap: 1248000USD

About IDO Quota

DPK Token Public Sale Price: 0.4 USD

DPK Token IDO Total Quota: 600000 USD

DPK Platform Internal Total Quota: 300000 USD

IDO Platform External Total Quota: 300000 USD

IDO Platform Details

TrustPad: https://trustpad.io/pool/dpk

Quota: 200000 BUSD

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 11:00–15:00

IDO Rules: https://docs.trustpad.io/trustpad/how-to-participate-in-an-ido#5c07


Quota: 50000 USDT

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 12:00–15:00

IDO Rules: https://brandpad.gitbook.io/brandpad/faq


Quota: 50000 BUSD

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 9:00–15:00

IDO Rules: https://roseon.finance/2021/11/19/participate-in-roseonpad-iaos-a-step-by-step-guide/


1. External platform unified withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

2. All DPK token purchased from IDO platforms are released in 3 months

TGE: 40% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

Jan 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

Feb 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

3. DPK Token listed on PancakeSwap Time: Dec 21st, UTC 16:00

IDO Detailed Rules about Kreatty/kitty NFT Holders

To thank all Kreatt/kitty holders, the DPK platform has a total DPK token quota of 300,000USD.

Altogether 7000 Kreatty NFTs, each one has a quota of 30USD.

Altogether 6000 offspring kitty NFTs, numbered from 300001 to 300006000, each one has a quota of 15USD.

December 16th — Snapshots of IDO addresses

Snapshot performs at the block height of 13511147 ,estimated time is 2021/12/16 0:00:00 (UTC)

DPK platform will perform snapshots of all NFT holder addresses to determine the amount of DPK tokens which each Kreatty/Kitty NFT holders can purchase in IDO event.

The Kreatty/kitty NFT on sale will not be snapshoted.The user who needs to get the quota needs to cancel sale on the market.

We advice users not to perform any operations on Kreatty/kitty NFT before and after 2021/12/16 0:00:00 (UTC) to avoid quota information not being recorded.

December 21st — Starts IDO of DPK platform

Quota: 300000 USD

Time: UTC 9:00–15:00

Users can log in to the official website to check their quota to complete payment, DPK token will be airdrop to the users’ purchase addresses when released.

First round release time of DPK token: UTC 16:00,December 21st

DPK token will be listed on PancakeSwap at 16:00 UTC , December 21st. And DPK team will add 500000$ to the PancakeSwap DPK/USDT trading pool for token liquidity.


All DPK token purchased from IDO platforms are released in 3 months

Dec 21st: 40% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

Jan 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00

Feb 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00