Dragon War Airdrop

Dragon War Airdrop

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As Dragon War gears up for its approaching IDO in late January. It is now time to lay out the plan for the biggest event ever — The Marvelous Combo Airdrop.

Dear my Heroes,

The Dragon War team has prepared $55,000++ USD worth of over 5,000,000 $DRAW tokens to be given to our great Heroes.

Here’s a breakdown of what this post covers:

  1. Event Information
  2. Rule
  3. Mission Guide

Before we start, a word from one of our Partnership Manager at Dragon War, Ms. Ni Nguyen:

“I had this idea a while The 1st Community Airdrop ended, if they do 100% of the missions, they will get a higher chance of being elected in the Lottery Tier as well as getting an Airdrop in the beginning. This in the long run will increase traffic and DRAW transactions — helpful for DRAW and Dragon War of course.

But I want to bring our Heroes experience the value of the Dragon War gameplay and so provide more trust and inspire play-to-earn all of you.

Make sure you read this document before you begin the mission. Take your time reading everything very carefully. If you want to win, you can, you deserve, there is no rush!”

Event Information

Link Airdrop: https://official.dragonwar.io/3mTdsa6

Official announcement on Twitter:

Time & Date: 1:30 PM UTC 03 January 2022–00:00 UTC 23 January 2022

Distribution: Our airdrop will include allocations for the following groups

Top 250 Users with the most entries will win “Marvelous Combo” per slot

250 Random Users with the most entries will win “Marvelous Combo” per slot

500 Random Users will receive 500 slots “IDO Whitelist”

Prize Pool structure

  • ️Number of Winners: 1,000 slots
  • Marvelous Combo (Mystery Box & $DRAW): 500 combo
  • IDO Whitelist — 100$/slot/user: 500 slots


Our team designs the airdrop at Gleam considering the level of interest based on the participation of different users throughout the period of January 3rd, 2022 to January 23rd, 2022.

You have to click the Gleam Link above to participate and do all tasks to get points. If you reach a minimum of 10 Points and provide your wallet address, you have a chance to win.

It means the more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning. If many users have the same score, the random person who completes all the Steps will win.

Mission Guide:

The Gleam app will verify every mission you accomplish and provide allocated points associated with each of the tasks/missions.

The following steps are provided below as a guide but in order to count, they must be done inside the Gleam app.

First, click on the Gleam link above or HERE is the same.

Step 2: Complete all Gleam tasks:

Follow @io_dragonwar

Retweet official announcement of the airdrop

Retweet our PIN Tweet with hashtag #DragonWar

Join DragonWar Announcement

Join DragonWar Official

Active and Comment every day on group chat

Like & Follow Fanpage DragonWar

Share our PIN post on Fanpage with hashtag #DragonWar

Subscribe Channel

Watch and Press Like for Dragon War official trailer.

  • Send link Gleam Task and invite friends to join

⚠️Referral: +5 points for each successful referral (the member you referred to must also complete 2 steps of the campaign)

Don’t forget to enter your SOL wallet address to help us distribute the prizes smoothly.

We decide to distribute $DRAW and NFTs with in-game assets amongst the community as widely and fairly as possible. If you missed your chance in this first airdrop before, this is a new chance for you. You can’t miss it again.

Stay tuned for more ways to win $DRAW tokens and NFTs by following our official channel.

, follow link is as

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