Drunk Robots IDO Whitelist

Drunk Robots IDO Whitelist

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Drunk Robots IDO whitelist campaign dedicated to the $METAL IDO:

Only those who pass all conditions of this Gleam campaign will get an opportunity to win access to the whitelist!

DRUNK ROBOTS IS A PLAY-TO-EARN GAME ON THE BINANCE SMART CHAIN. 10101 incredible unique robots, 6 genesis robots, gangs, 1000+ items and variations, RPG-style, avatars and collectibles, core gameplay, seasons, free to play mini games, farming, secondary market and more.

Date: 28 March 2022 – 6 April 2022

Prize Pool:

– 3 tickets to the Whitelist

– 10 x 50$

* Join the whitelist campaign at here



About Drunk Robots

The gameā€™s setting takes place in the not-so-distant future in a city called Los Machines, which is occupied by crazy robots.

Chug a beer, battle other players, and collect resources as you explore the city of Los Machines in this action-packed game. Aside from having an amazingly hilarious premise, stellar artwork and enjoyable lore, Drunk Robots features robust customization options as you power up your drunkard fighter. Whether you buy one of 10101 Drunk Robots NFT characters to experience the full game, or you just enjoy the free-to-play minigames, youā€™ll earn valuable rewards along the way, all of which can be sold or traded on the market. Bottoms up!


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