Envelop IDO Whitelist

Envelop IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

🔔 ENVELOP IDO is approaching, and weā€™re ready to share the details
The time is running fast 🕒 and hereā€™s what you need to know:

After careful research, ENVELOP decided to launch on the ScaleSwap platform; its quality of work with previous projects exceeded all of our expectations!

📌 Public Pool Token Sale Details:

👉🏼Date: Oct 21 at 4pm GMT-2 (Beijing time)

👉🏼Total Raise: $100K

👉🏼Token IDO price: 0,03 USDT

👉🏼Number of allocations: private 300 usdt (60k – 60%), public 200 usdt (40k – 40%)

👉🏼Token Symbol: NIFTSY

👉🏼Initial Market Cap: 850k usdt

Fill the whitelist form at here