EvolvePad Airdrop

EvolvePad Airdrop

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Join the Evolve Launchpad $EVO Airdrop from here

Airdrop: EVO

Value: $ 15

Referral: $ 5

Tokens: $75,000 + $25,000 worth of $EVO

Winners: 5000+

End Date: 12/06/21

Distribution Date: AT TGE

In order to reward our first believers & bring awareness to the first ever community-powered Multi-chain Launchpad, EvolvePad will select the top 5000 Participants for $15 each worth of $EVO Tokens.

The first community based multi-chain Launchpad

EvolvePad is a community driven multi-chain launchpad, helping decentralized projects raise awareness, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. We select the highest potential and most innovative projects, and help private and public investors to get guaranteed fundraising allocation in a secure and compliant environment.

Our selection criteria is rigorous and constantly being refined as the ecosystem evolves. On a mission to catalyze the growth of blockchain projects, we believe the future of work is a world where innovation happens everywhere, success requires helping each other, and strong community inspires our sense of belonging.