Fishing Town IDO Whitelist

Fishing Town IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

🚩Fishing Town Community Round Whitelist Opens

AtĀ “Fishing TownĀ citizens earn a living through catching fishes. This land contains pure and clear origin of water that was given birth by a…..Ā Goddess named Nanami. Goddess Nanami hallows water source and various breed of fishes which have fed many lives in the city.

Another wonderful mystery of this town is that the water source shares one extremely special type of fish. The God of fish with its own individual soul – whenever the soul merges together, the God of fish bring wealth to the city. This sacred town is ready to open its gate and let everyone be on their grand adventure. Find your own fish species and be prosperous with theĀ game!!


Campaign details

💸 $2,500 total allocation

🏆 250 randomly whitelisted addresses,

166 can join Token sale (FCFS)

💰$15 allocation/address

⏳Whitelisting Schedule

Whitelist Starts:Ā 15 Dec, 14:00 UTC

Whitelist Closes:Ā 19 Dec, 14:00 UTC

Result Announced:Ā 20 Dec, 14:00 UTC
FCFS round:Ā 
21 Dec, 18:00 UTC – 21 Dec, 20:00 UTC
23 December
Claiming :

Ā Ā Tier model detailā€‹

*Submit your BEP20 address + Follow the task below
*Exchange wallets not accepted
*Complete all tasks to get your place in the lottery draw

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