Froyo Games Giveaway

Froyo Games Giveaway

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

To express our heartful thank you to #Froyo community, we are preparing the BIGGGEST #Giveaway EVER on the closing time of #2021 for everyone.

Welcome to Froyo Gamesā€™ Biggest Community Giveaway on GLEAM!


– 100 IDO Whitelist Slots for $10,000 Allocations

– 100 Yields Generative Claw Stars NFTs

– 100 Winners for a share of $10,000 USDT Airdrop

Participation time: 1:00PM UTC 12/16/2021 – 1:00PM UTC 1/5/2022

  • *Note: Claw Stars NFT will be used to participate in the game, yield farming, staking or tradable in the marketplace.

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