Gamesta IDO Whitelist

Gamesta IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Gamesta is delighted to announce its IDO launch on 15th December via four industry leading launchpads; Oxbull, Gamestation, Equinox and Enjinstarter. But that’s not all…

After much due diligence Gamesta has cherry-picked the best in launchpad tech based on security, reputation, cutting edge technology and specialist support. Each partner will bring something unique to the table on top of their vast communities.

The relationship’s are not one way as each partner is meticulous in its vetting of any new project as a safeguard to their networks. These partnerships are self regulating to the benefit of the launching project and investors alike. But it doesn’t end there…

Following the IDO, Gamesta will also raise funds through a Fair Launch Auction. This innovative mechanism allows projects to raise funds in a fair way, removing the flaws of individual caps, whitelisting and bots. Complete details here:

Gamesta launchpads:


The OxBull way is propelled by relentless execution, meticulous quality and credibility. These are some of the important factors that you can expect from this enthusiastic and futuristic platform. OxBull aims to become a cornerstone of blockchain evolution and the largest blockchain community to help thousands of startups achieve their goals and bring value to the world.


GameStation is a multi-chain community-oriented gaming incubator and launchpad. They add a gamification layer to the launchpad to make it easier and more fun for gamers to participate and invest in innovative games. GameStation will also allow users access to an NFT marketplace where they can buy and sell in-game items easily. Finally, the community is at the center of GameStation, and gamers will have the opportunity to create social events and tournaments.


A non-fungible community driven platform launching the highest vetted projects

About Gamesta:

Gamesta Guild believes the value of any game is created by the network of players playing it. Each player, regardless of his wealth or means, represents the same value in a digital game, investing their time and contributing to an ever evolving metaverse. Now, through blockchain technology, game developers can finally reward the loyalty of those players.

Furthermore, in-game NFT’s are revolutionizing the way a gamer can build intrinsic value, but with the competition so intense, players from emerging economies sometimes cannot afford the initial outlay to purchase those assets.

Enter Gamesta, the smart contract based guild enabling investors to connect and empower thousands of under privileged players throughout The World.

Let’s Unleash Game-Fi together.

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