GotEM IDO Whitelist

GotEM IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

GotEM is a decentralized DeFi platform that enables anyone to crowdsource and crowdfund global investigations, private security and humanitarian aid. With the current political climate and the direction our world is taking, it is imperative that there is an outlet for transparency and global welfare. Our platform makes this demand a reality. Using the platform would act as a safe medium for users to contract freelancing investigators in assisting with urgent missions anywhere in the world. We are first to market by innovating the world’s first crowdsourcing platform with crowdfunding capabilities to address private investigation and security missions worldwide.

Features of gotEM

  • Reserve fund

DEFI reserve fund with governance for global missions.

  • Transparency

Outlet for societal transparency and global welfare.

  • Crowdsourcing function

Utilize the power of crowdsourcing for on-demand investigations.

  • Governance

Peer-to-peer voting enabling delegative democracy.

  • Staking and yield mining

Stake and host a node hosting to enable a fully decentralized platform for global. Also earn interest by being a liquidity provider (LP) by adding funds to our liquidity pool.

  • AR Metaverse and NFTs

Description of the function:


Token distribution


#1 Where to buy?

#2 Date Details

Wallet ScreenShot (SS) Date : 15 October 2021 23:59 UTC

IDO Date (Start — Finish) : 16 October 2021 13:00 UTC — 17 October 2021 13:00 UTC

Gold Tier : 16 October 2021 13:00–17:00 UTC

Silver Tier : 16 October 2021 17:00–21:00 UTC

Bronze Tier : 16 October 2021 21:00–17 October 2021 01:00 UTC

Iron Tier : 17 October 2021 01:00–05:00 UTC

Whitelist : 17 October 2021 09:00–13:00 UTC

FCFS : 17 October 2021 12:00–13:00 UTC (The FCFS round will be held if the tokens are not sold.)

Whitelist Form Link : *TBA

PancakeSwap Listing Date : 17 October 2021 16:00 UTC

#3 What is the purchase amount of the tiers?

GOLD : Min: TBA Max: TBA



IRON : Min: TBA Max: TBA

**Tier owners have the right to purchase warranty. They can only purchase once.

**Purchase amounts will be determined after receiving the Screen Shot (SS) of the wallets.

#4 Which token will the purchase be made with?


#5 Price Details

IDO Price : 1 $GOTEM = 0,009 BUSD

Listing Price : 1 $GOTEM = 0,0108 BUSD

Initial Market Cap : 78.030 $

Network : BSC

#6 Which DEXs will it be listed on

Pancakeswap ( )

#7 How do I get tokens in my wallet?

Tokens will be automatically sent to your wallets via bulksender.

**Tokens will be sent after the Pancakeswap Listing is done.

#8 How will the token vesting be?

10% to be released on TGE, 20% every month, and 10% for the final month

#9 Is there a TAX in transactions?

There is no fee in transactions.

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