GovWorld IDO Whitelist

GovWorld IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Running of the Oxbulls 🐮

Unlike our other two IDOs, the Oxbull IDO does not involve whitelisting. You’ll instead need to hold your $OXB in your wallet to be eligible. You can read more about Oxbull’s IDO process here.

The GovWorld IDO on Oxbull will be going down on the 26th of November (26/11/2021), so you still have a bit of time to prepare. Don’t wait too long though — we know this one is going to run 🤠 For more details make sure to be in the official Announcement Channel.

And if you haven’t yet make sure to check out the official Oxbull website for more info on how to get involved in our IDO as well as the other great projects that are launching through them 😎

Governors, it’s finally happening. Triple-threat triple-IDO November is upon us. Our GOV token is coming to life and being distributed to our GOVely community, as well as the communities of our incredible partners at DuckDAO, Poolz and OxBull ❤️

For those of you that were lucky enough to secure whitelisting on these platforms: congratulations! Continue reading for detailed instructions on how to secure your tokens 👇

For those of you that missed these presale opportunities: don’t fret. We’re not done just quite yet 😉 We outlined a special opportunity towards the end of the article.

GOV: coming to a DEX near you!

Dear Ducks 🐣 (closed)

As you’ll know, GovWorld’s DuckSTARTER sale has ended. Congrats to all those who were able to secure a piece of $Gov!

For those of you who didn’t know, the DuckSTARTER Public Offering took place yesterday! (16th November)

And oh man… we sold out at record speeds 😀

Price Per Token: $0.08 per $GOV

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Poolz Party 🩳 (closed)

The Poolz whitelist party is still well underway, so make sure to get involved through the official Poolz website. You’ve got a bit more time than the Ducks because the Poolz x GovWorld IDO is going live on the 23rd of November (23/11/2021). The exact time is yet to be announced so make sure to be following the Poolz Announcements Channel for updates.

Price Per Token: $0.08 per $GOV

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Governor Z, courtesy of Bondly 🤖

Now… this technically isn’t an IDO, but still an opportunity to grab some $Gov along with GovWorld’s first-ever NFT collection.

We will be having an EXCLUSIVE sale on the Bondly launchpad tomorrow. Where we will be premiering Governor Z: The man, the myth & the legend.

Governor Z NFT’s will have unique utility within the GovWorld ecosystem might we add. 😉

If you weren’t able to secure a spot on the whitelist, don’t worry as you’ll still be able to purchase an NFT aftermarket via OpenSea. Remember, NFT holders will be entitled to $GOV airdrops according to our Strategic round vesting schedule. Yessir that means your tokens are priced at $0.0575 rather than public sale price of $0.08!

For more info, check out the article 👉 here.

Community Appreciation Sale 💖

Last but not least, you asked and we’re delivering!

We have a special opportunity coming up for our loyal community. We will be dropping a whitelist form early next week for the GovWorld fam to fill out for a chance to win a $Gov allocation in the public round!

NO need to hold any tokens of any kind to take part in the whitelist.

The only requirements:

  1. Be a member of our Official TG group
  2. Be a member of our Official Announcements channel
  3. Follow our Official Twitter page

We will announce the number of winners and the total allocation up for grabs when we drop the whitelist form.

The form will only be up for 48 hours so make sure you keep an eye out!


Governors, thank you for your support over the last few months. It’s incredible how strong of a community we’ve built already and we can’t wait for you all to start utilizing our game-changing features.

Remember: the more GOV you have in your wallet, the more power you have in our ecosystem — increased Loan-to-Value (LTV), multi-token collateralized loans, advanced loan customizations, fee reductions and much more. GOV is your ticket to unlocking the power of DeFi 🎟

Make sure to be following us on Twitter and join us in our official community Telegram for all the updates you’ll need in regards to this awesome triple-IDO November.

The GovWorld Team 🌎

About GovWorld 😎

GovWorld is the first DeFi ecosystem of its kind. We offer the best customizable P2P, cross-chain lending experience on the blockchain. Able to collateralize any altcoin or NFT for public or private loans of USDC, USDT, or DAI, GovWorld is your destination for DeFi. This is where users can unlock their liquidity, retain tier level benefits & staking rewards and have 100% freedom to choose their terms.

🚀 🚀

✅ Innovative DeFi ecosystem

✅ Collateralize any altcoin or NFT for short-term cash loans

✅ Choose your loan terms

✅ High APY% opportunities for lenders on USDT, USDC, DAI

✅ Maintain tier & staking rewards even while altcoins are staked for loans

✅ Limited time, strategic partner staking pools to earn $GOV

✅ Many more DeFi benefits

Unlock Your Potential at GovWorld 🙌



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