Identity IDO Whitelist

Identity IDO Whitelist

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✅  KYC and AML service powered by blockchain technology. For users: digital identity to access numerous online products, without doing KYC on each platform separately. Login in functions for smooth access to all favourites products.

📈  After completing a one-time KYC on our platform, customer will receive a unique ID token that will act as an electronic identity card on other authorised platforms and exchanges. In case of successful verification, 1 user receives 1 ID token. The verification result is recorded on the NFT blockchain. For business: no need to pay for numerous KYC attempts, way to put KYC cost on client, no costly integration or storing clients personal data, no GDPR risks, login button for easy access

Main advantages of $IDTT

– Full range of service that will fit needs of every client

– Minted NFT token for each user

– White label solution to popularize and leverage technology, to make adoption faster

– Authentication function to make registration and KYC process smooth and costless

– Special price for community and token holders

– Token buybacks out of company’s revenues to support token price

📅 IDO DATE: September 15th, 2021

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