Infinity Skies IDO Whitelist

Infinity Skies IDO Whitelist

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In Infinity Skies, players will build, socialize, trade, and undertake numerous adventures. Players will compete to build the most prestigious castle in the community while collecting rare NFT decorations, skins, and building components. They own their island in the sky on which they can build their castle and allow other users to visit. The ultimate goal is to become the King of Infinity Skies.

Goals of the game

Infinity Skies is a game of the sandbox genre, where people are able to set their own short-term and long-term goals. The game mechanics are designed in such a way however, that several long-term goals are incentivized for players to work towards.

Building a castle/island to attain votes for a high standing on the social leaderboard in order to reap NFT rewards.

Gather as many rare and unique NFT’s as possible

Turn your time into money with our cryptocurrency ā€œSkyblocksā€, by trading in NFTs with other players, using our marketplace.



Skyblock Token

A Skyblock is a ERC-20 token, which is the primary currency used in and around the Infinity Skies ecosystem.


Skyblocks can be swapped for other established cryptocurrencies on a decentralized exchange platform. For now, this will be Quickswap. Liquidity will be locked at a rate of 10% of the raised funds from our public presale unless a large listing event occurs elsewhere.


Skyblocks can be traded with other players for NFTs on the website marketplace and can be traded in other Exchanges.

Burn Feature

Skyblocks will have a recycle feature of 5% on each transaction. None of the Skyblocks will be burned forever through automated mechanics, but they are recycled to our community. The distribution of our recycle feature will be as follows:

3% distributed to Play-to-Earn stash.

1.5% distributed to Claim Pool.

0.5% distributed to the Development Team


The largest portion from our recycle feature will be deposited into the Play-to-Earn stash. This stash is emptied each week by distributing it to active players that are playing Infinity Skies. Once emptied, the stash builds up again until the next week when it is emptied again. Each week players must complete certain tasks to be eligible for this weekly airdrop.


Contribution Info

The allocation for this project will be on

Maximum Participants: 250 users
Project Participants: 0
ChainBoost Participants: 250
Project Raise Amount: 50k
User Contribution Amount: 200 USD
Token Price: 0.22 USD
Est Tokens Received: 909.1 ISKY
Accepted Payments: USDT

Token Information

The allocation for this project will be on

Name: Infinity Skies
Symbol: ISKY
Decimals: 18
Address: Not yet added
Total Supply: 100 Million
Token Send Date (UTC):
Token Release Schedule: Vesting unlock schedule for Public Sale: 20% initial, rest vested for 3 months
Token Distribution Network: Polygon Mainnet

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