Infomatix IDO Whitelist

Infomatix IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

The long-awaited IDO of Infomatix $INFO is here and will launch on the 2nd of November. We have our IDO ready to launch on three launchpads 🚀

DxSale — DxLaunch

Are you a member of the Infomatix community looking for an opportunity to take part in the upcoming IDO? Then DxSale is the one for you!

Get yourself whitelisted for DxSale IDO at here (no need to hold or stake tokens)

  • Raise from DxSale: 125,000$
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.2 BNB
  • Maximum Contribution: 2 BNB
  • Total Whitelisted Participants: 500

To get whitelisted,

  • Click on the above link.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Join our Telegram group
  • Submit your BSC address
  • Complete Bonus tasks to increase your chances to win

DxSale.Network is a decentralized token management platform as a service (PaaS) aiming to provide the best user experience of the token journey. DxSale aims to cater to all users, regardless of their technical acumen, to accelerate and accurately manage their venture into crypto.

How to participate in Infomatix $INFO IDO on DxSale?

Participating in DxSale IDO is as easy as it gets. Steps to follow:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on DxLaunch and then click Dashboard
  3. Wait for the ongoing and upcoming sales to load
  4. Find and click on the card where it says Infomatix
  5. If you are whitelisted, DxSale will permit you to view the IDO
  6. Make sure that you agree to the disclaimer and click Confirm
  7. Go through the details of the project mentioned
  8. Enter the amount you would like to contribute and then click Contribute

How to claim tokens when IDO on DxSale ends?

  1. Soon after the IDO ends, visit DxLaunch Dashboard and click on the “Success” sub-menu.
  2. Find and click on the card which says “Infomatix.”
  3. Hit “Claim Tokens”
  4. Confirm transaction on Metamask
  5. Wait for the confirmation.

Watch this guide to learn more about participating and claiming tokens in Infomatix IDO on the DxSale platform.

Genesis Pool — IDO Launchpad

Genesis Pool (GPool) is a decentralized cross-chain launchpad that allows projects to raise funds from their community of investors in a permissionless and interoperable environment.

GPool will work with projects from the beginning, guiding them through creating an initial DEX offering (IDO) and enabling them to raise funding in a secure and safe environment.

Head over to their docs to read more:

Refer to this article to learn more about the $INFO IDO on Genesis Pool:

Zeroswap — ZeeDO

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. They aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEX access under one roof.

Zeroswap’s IDO — ZeeDO is a token distribution platform that provides unique services in the token generation market. ZeroSwap aims to create a more fair, secure, and transparent token event using several features focused on fairness and security as an initial DEX offering platform.

Refer to this guide to learn more about participating in the Infomatix IDO on ZeeDO:

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetize their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with a wide variety of experts to get pricing and background information.

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