Joker Token Airdrop

Joker Token Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

🔖 The top 100 referrers will share an extra 1500 USDT)

Go to the Airdrop Link (

⭐️ 1 token = JOK
🔹 Total to earn per participant (if you complete all the tasks) = 500,000 JOK
🔹 Per referral = 50,000 JOK

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🔗 Top 100 referrers will share 1500 USDT as follows:

▪️1st place : 250 USDT
▪️ 2nd place : 150 USDT
▪️ 3rd place : 100 USDT
▪️ 4th place : 75 USDT
▪️ 5th place : 50 USDT
▪️ 6th to 10th place : 25 USDT each
▪️ 11th to 20th place : 15 USDT each
▪️ 21st to 50th place : 10 USDT each
▪️ 51st to 100th place : 6 USDT each

$JOK was born to create a revolution against the domination of whales and to create an absolutely fair and transparent game for the entire community. The founding team owns a very small amount of tokens which is locked for a period of 01 year.

All risks for investors are eliminated when the liquidity pool is locked for 01 year Pancake swap. With a strong community and a desire for growth to have a voice in the cryptocurrency world, $JOK will definitely create an NFT marketplace with many profitable games for investors in long term.

Mechanism in Joker Universe

Each Joker token will be charged a 5% fee, which is then split into 3 pools, each with a different goal.

How do Joksters make money?

Your gain with $JOK is threefold. Apart from the usual profit derrived from the increasing value of $JOK and your usual buy & sell transactions, Joker taxes a 2% fee on every transaction of the $JOK and shares this back to all Joksters. That means, for as long as you hold onto your Joker token, and as new Joksters coming in, Joker will continue to give you money over time.

Do Joker tokens have high liquidity?

With each transaction, a further 2% of the value will be cut back and add to the liquidity pool on pancake. Joker will lock this pool and only release it after 01 year. Joker will list $JOK on big exchange platforms after Pancakeswap. This is how Joker can safeguard the liquidity volume of Joksters as well as to ensure Jokesters can start their trading activities as early as the beginning.

How does Joker ensure that price will remain high at all time?

Joker invented a deflation machine which will use up 1% the value of every transaction. This weapon regularly either burns or buys back Joker tokens with each transaction to keep supply level of $JOK low and subsequently price level of $JOK high.

Weā€™re thrilled to have you all onboard with Joksters. See you on Moon!