Massive Multi-Metaverse Giveaway Contest

Massive Multi-Metaverse Giveaway Contest

Live Airdrops

📢 To celebrate the partnership between our projects, we are holding a massive contest to giveaway prizes! 📢

The participants: Bit Hotel, Nakamoto Games, Gamestarter, PlayZap, Sugar Kingdom, Sugar Bounce, UpOnly, Ferrum Network, Avarta, DinoX, Animalia, NAO DAO / Naffiti, MetaPetz, MILC, Starship, Cryptobirds, Metafighter.

🏆$20.000 in prizes to be shared!🏆

Fill in all the fields below to have a chance to win any of the prizes!

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> $2000 in $BTH tokens & $1000 in BUSD from Gamestarter

> $1000 in Starship tokens

>$1000 in MLT

>30 NFT’s from Sugar Kingdom

> 3 NFTs and 25 WLs of Metapetz

> 1500$ in $NAKA tokens

> $1000 in $NAO tokens

> 2x NFTitan from Animalia

> $1000 in $DNXC

> 4x NFT’s from Avarta

> $1500 in $cFRM tokens

> $1000 in $UPO tokens

> $1000 in $TIP tokens

> $1000 in $PLAYZAP tokens

> $1000 in $XCB and 15 Cryptobirds NFT’s

> $1000 worth of $MF tokens allocation (released 30 days after TGE)


> 50 people who completed all the entries will be randomly selected as winners!  NFT’s and tokens will be airdropped after winners are chosen.

> Winners will share the prizes!  Approximately $20,000 in prizes to be won!

The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win rewards. Don’t forget to add your wallet address below! Refer friends for extra entries!