MinePlanet NFT Presale Whitelist

MinePlanet NFT Presale Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

DPK platformā€™s metaverse project Mine Planetā€™s first batch of Planet NFT pre-sale whitelist event now starts!

Whitelist event time: November 28 to 12:00, UTC, December 5


For this pre-sale, we have set up English and Chinese events considering the love and support of players all over the world.


1. RT

2. Publish promotion of DPK with pic+text in any one of the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram.

3. Follow @DPK_kreatties on Twitter.

4. Join telegram group

5. Join discord sever

6. Provide BEP20 wallet address participated in pre-sale event (the address must have at least one Kreatty/Kitty/Baby Kitty NFT during the pre-sale event)

Fill in the above completed information to the link:

Pre-sale Whitelist of Planet NFT

The Planet NFT pre-sale event of Dontplaywithkitty.io is officially underway, with a total amount of 1000 Planet NFTsā€¦


Chinese area:

1. Join the DPK Global Telegram group

2. Specify the picture and copy in the Moments forwarding task (click the link below to get it), and upload a screenshot

3. Fill in the address of any Binance Smart Chain wallet that you own Cat NFT, and be sure to pay attention to whether the address is correct

Fill in the above completed information:


Special notes:

1. We will check whether the addresses of all users applied for whitelist event have at least one NFT between December 5th 12:00 UTC to December 6th 12:00 UTC, so during this period, do not transfer your NFTļ¼ˆEach Kreatty NFT owner can allocate DPK tokens worth of 30USD and offspring NFT owner can allocate DPK tokens worth of 15USDļ¼‰

2. We will announce the last qualified whitelist wallet address list after the inspection is completed

3. Each whitelist wallet address with purchase qualification is limited to purchase 1 Planet NFT

4. There is no limit to the whitelist wallet address, the Planet NFTs on December 6th are first come, first served

5.The qualified whitelist wallet address just means they are qualified for pre-sale event

Mine Planetā€™s first batch of planet NFT pre-sale details: