Moma ($MOMAT) - WeStarter IDO Whitelist

Moma ($MOMAT) – WeStarter IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We are announcing that WeStarter will launch Moma Protocol on May 27th at 19:00 SGT. Moma Protocol offers a proprietary solution to meet the growing demands for liquidity, scalability and speculation in DeFi lending markets.

Subscription Tutorial:

Whitelisted Pool Details:

  • Time to start: May 27th 19:00 SGT
  • Time to claim $MOMAT: May 27 20:00 SGT
  • Total allocation: $50,000
  • Price per token: 0.36USDT per $MOMAT
  • Total $MOMAT Tokens available in Whitelisted Pool : 138,888$MOMAT
  • Total Seats: 500
  • Quota per user: $100
  • Funds will be raised by USDT.

Please notice:* Whitelist quotas limited to 700 users which randomly determined by the system, and only 500 of them are able to snapping $MOMAT up eventually, first come, first served.

Liquidity establishment place: MDEX

Getting Whitelisted

  • Whitelist open: May 21st
  • Whitelist close: May 24th 24:00 SGT
  • Whitelist result announce: May 26th on Moma Protocol and @westarter_org Twitter account.

Read the full post from their web site at here.