New strategic partner of CheersLand: AcknoLedger

New strategic partner of CheersLand: AcknoLedger


About AcknoLedger

✅ AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps , monetizes 💸, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs 🕹🕹Aggregated model with scope of collaborations with each and every NFT gaming and Metaverse platform to build an Ecosystem 🌐.

✅ AcknoLedger‚Äôs Universal Content Number Scheme (UCNS) 💡system that will be integrated across all the NFT platforms and Metaverses to create NFT Ecosystem and a Circular Economy ♻️ along with AI engines to mitigate plagarism challenges. 💎

About CheersLand

CheersLand is a scalable GameFi universe where anyone can monetize their gaming experiences and social networks. CheersLand runs the Game-as-a-Service model, dual-driven in Play to Earn and Build to Earn, with the product portfolio of Gamified Launchpad, Multi-game Universe, Multi-asset Staking Platform and NFT Market, and powered developing new users by the invitation mechanism, which builds a unique and diversified GameFi ecosystem.