Nomadland IDO Whitelist

Nomadland IDO Whitelist

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NomadLand IDO Whitelist on CheersLand

Greetings, CheersLanders !! Nomadland ($NOMAD) is our newest IDO, and it’s an honor to bring it to our community.

In the Post-IDO Stage, CheersLand and Nomadland will continue their strategic alliance, resource sharing, and cooperation.

The greatest method to provide our community the best chance to buy tokens at the best price is to hold a IDO. The total raise with the Nomadland IDO is up to $20,000.

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IDO Sale Details

⏰IDO Date & Time: April 29th, 01:00 PM — 04:00 PM UTC for Guaranteed Pool and 04:30 PM — 08:00 PM UTC for FCFS Public Pool

🔆 Pool Type: Guaranteed Pool + FCFS Public Pool (no whitelist required, anyone can buy)

📷Snapshot: 24 hrs. before IGO

⏰Listing Date & Time: 1 May

📍IGO site:

💰Price per $NOMAD: $0.25

💎Initial Market Cap: $310,000.00

📅Vesting: 25% at TGE then 25% unlocked every month

🚰Cheers IGO Pool Size: $20,000.00

🔀Swap Currency: BUSD

How to be whitelisted?

The total IGO Pool size is $20,000.00 (80,000 $NOMAD). The main rules regarding the allocation rights are as follows:

90% allocation to CHEERS stakers + Grand CheersLand NFT holders

5% allocation to Top 25 Gamers in CheersLand Games (75 users in total)

5% allocation to Gleam Winners. Join Gleam competition at here

👉Make sure to read our CheersLand’s latest IGO and Private Sale Tier System Announcement to learn about Eligibility rules, Tier levels, Allocations and more!

Guaranteed Pool : Those who have earned the privilege to invest by staking our $CHEERS,Grand NFT holders, top gamers and gleam winners.

Public FCFS Pool : If anything from first pool is left this pool will activate. No access needed towards the Whitelist. Anyone who connected their wallet can purchase up to $300 if the event isn’t sold out.

⭐Each ticket will receive Guaranteed Allocation

Public FCFS Pool will be open 30 minutes after the Guaranteed Pool closes, remaining funds from the first pool will be made available to everyone through the Public FCFS Pool, with a maximum purchase of $300 per wallet. Each wallet has a fair chance to buy tokens. No whitelist required.

⭐To be an eligible Staker, users need to Buy and Stake at least 5,000 $CHEERS in the New IGO Whitelist Pool as per the recently announced Tier System

⭐Gamers’ Allocation (5%) will be divided among the Top-25 Ranked Gamers of Crypto Pirates, Click Click and Matching Ranking Lists

⭐The Snapshot for Qualified Stakers/Top Ranking Gamers will be taken 24 hours before IGO and the gleam campaign ends at 09:59:59AM, April 28th UTC

New Tier System

You might want to take a look:

👉Learn about our New IGO Tier System

👉Participate to NomadLand IGO Whitelist Competition

👉Buy $CHEERS on PancakeSwap

👉Play the games in CheersLand now

About Nomadland

Discover the Nomadland Island, buy land, build farms , produce mystic flames, battle epic monsters and carnivore plants, capture and train the captured monsters and carnivore plants, evolve in rank and produce new weapons and armours, fight in Arena against other players- in this blockchain based NFT’s Action RPG & strategy game built on Unreal Engine

Come dive into the NOMADLAND universe,

WIN tokens as you play!

Get rewards when you stake or make BNB purchases in the game

In-game NFTs are obtained via big monster and carnivore plants fights. The NFTs in Nomadland are not like the typical “collectible card” NFTs so common in crypto today. Instead, they are usable and functional NFTs that can be inserted into the Nomadland Game Framework and become special in-game items : weapons, armours, special moves, and super powers. These NFTs can be bought or sold both in the in-game exchanges (market place) or in 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world.

Players can stake the in-game currency (the NOMADLAND NOMAD native token) by purchasing or investing in in-game NFT’s, players earn rewards as in-game businesses generate revenue.

All of these elements are built and run on the Binance Smart Chain. Each function is intertwined with the blockchain, and the NOMAD in-game currency is creatively used for these functions.

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About CheersLand

CheersLand is a scalable GameFi Metaverse Aggregator where anyone can monetize their gaming experiences and social networks. CheersLand runs the Game-as-a-Service model, dual-driven in Play to Earn and Build to Earn, with the product portfolio of Gamified Launchpad, Multi-game Universe, Multi-asset Staking Platform and NFT Market, and powered developing new users by the invitation mechanism, which builds a unique and diversified GameFi ecosystem.

Now CheersLand has launched the 3 classic games, Crypto Pirates, Click² and Matching. Click here and connect your BSC wallet to play and earn! Let’s go!

Stay updated on the CheersLand’s progress by following on social media channels and communities.

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Nomadland IDO Whitelist on BinStarter

BinStarter is very honored to have an opportunity to launch the IDO event for the Nomadland project. Nomadland is an Action RPG & strategy game built on Unreal Engine, BSC blockchain based. Players are invited to discover the Nomadland Island, buy land, build farms, produce mystic flames, battle epic monsters and carnivore plants, capture and train the captured monsters.

IDO Page:
Staking Link (Pools): $BSR:

Whitelist opened at: April 12th, 2022, UTC 16:00
Whitelist closed at: April 29th, 2022 UTC 16:00
Whitelist result announced at: April 30th, 2022 UTC 14:00 UTC

IDO date: April 30th, 2022

  • Phase 1 (Guaranteed Allocation and Gleam)
    Guaranteed allocation for pools 1 to 6: April 30th, 2022 UTC 16:00–19:00
    Gleam: April 30th, 2022 UTC 16:00- 19:00
  • Phase 2* (FCFS on remaining cap for BSR stakers) April 30th, 2022 UTC 20:00–20:30 or sold out
  • Phase 3* (Public FCFS if Phase 2 isn’t sold out) April 30th, 2022 UTC 20:30 — till sold out

*Must have BSR staked in pools during Whitelisting to purchase in Phase 2. If all allocations are sold out in Phase 2, there will not be a Phase 3.

Receiving Token Time: May 1st, 2022

Pool Details:

Token Type: BEP20
Token Ticker: NOMAD
Price per Token: $0.25
Total Allocation: $100,000
Vesting Schedule: 25% at TGE, 25% / month
Initial Market Cap: 310.000
Accepted Currency: $BUSD


Pool 1: Minimum 500 BSR Token = 1 Lottery Ticket ( Pool Weight 1x )
Pool 2: Minimum 2000 BSR Token = 1 Guaranteed Allocation ( Pool Weight 2x)
Pool 3: Minimum 4000 BSR Token = 1 Guaranteed Allocation ( Pool Weight 4x)
Pool 4: Minimum 8,000 BSR Token = 1 Guaranteed Allocation ( Pool Weight 8x)
Pool 5: Minimum 16,000 BSR Token = 1 Guaranteed Allocation ( Pool Weight 16x)
Pool 6: Minimum 32,000 BSR Token = 1 Guaranteed Allocation ( Pool Weight 32x)

Note: Depending on the number of applicants and pool multipliers, we may make adjustments to keep the balance of allocations per user


1) We will take daily snapshots of the pool to ensure qualification status
2) Allocations from different wallets cannot be combined
3) Must complete all steps below and stake BSR till sales date to qualify.

How to register for the whitelist?

Step 1: Buy $BSR and stake into staking pool until IDO sales date to qualify for allocations
Step 2: Follow Nomadland’s and BinStarter’s social channels below:
Step 3: Follow Twitter accounts: @NomadGame1 and @BinStarterio,
Step 4: Join Telegram community groups: @NomadLandOfficial and @BinstarterOfficial
Step 5: Subscribe to telegram announcement channels:@NomadLandAnnouncement and @BinStarterAnnouncement.
Step 6: Like and retweet this tweet: with hashtags #BinStarter #Nomadland $NOMAD $BSR

Last Step: Just wait for the allocation announcement.

Nomadland IDO Allocations Giveaway

10 Guaranteed allocations will be given out to the top 10 participants that accumulated the most points in the event. 40 Allocations will be given out randomly.

Step 1: Follow this link:
Step 2: Complete All
Step 3: Copy Referral Link
Step 4: Share with friends and community

About BinStarter

BinStarter is a decentralized mining-style approval mechanism insurance protocol that is designed to examine projects according to certain criteria for 30 days and to protect liquidity providers against possible financial damages or any negativities.

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Nomadland IDO Whitelist on AnyPad

We are excited to announce the Nomadland public sale on Anypad on 25th April at 2 PM UTC 2022.

Nomadland is a blockchain-based NFTs Action Role-Playing & strategy game built on Unreal Engine. Users can explore the world of Nomadland where you can buy land, build farms, battle epic monsters, and much more.

Read our project review here.

Steps To Participate in the $NOMAD Token Public Sale on ANYPAD

· Buy $APAD here and stake.

Stakers of $APAD Tokens can apply for this IDO by filling this Google Doc to whitelist their wallet address — Link

· Buy $NOMAD Token as per your allotted ticket size.

· The ticket allotment is based on the number of $APAD tokens a user is staking.

· This sale will happen in the public pool.

Buying and Claiming of $NOMAD Tokens

Note — Only users who have winning tickets can buy $NOMAD

· Time to Buy $NOMAD— This sale is slated for 25th April at 2 PM UTC and will be announced on our social media channels. Ticket winners will pay BUSD {BEP20} to Buy $NOMAD here.

· Claiming of $NOMAD Tokens on ANYPAD — This will be announced on our social media channels. Ticket winners who paid BUSD {BEP20} to Buy $NOMAD would be able to claim their $NOMAD tokens.

Details of $NOMAD Sale on ANYPAD

Total to be raised: $100k
Price: $0.25
Total supply: 100,000,000
Vesting: 20% at TGE, 20% monthly for 4 months
Whitelist ends: 24th April
Sale: 25th April, 2 PM UTC
TGE: 1st May
Initial Market cap: $310,000

For any clarifications regarding Public Pool allocation methodology and Tier Structure, Please refer to this article.

Join the Nomadland Community


Read more about Nomadland here:


About Anypad

Anypad is a next-generation blockchain Incubator and accelerator platform building a Multi-chain LaunchPad, Multi-chain AMM DEX, and Blockchain Game, Star Strike. Anypad would give crypto & blockchain startups & investors the best experience as the industry gains full-scale global adoption. Anypad is dedicated to incubating and accelerating the best and most innovative micro-cap blockchain projects, allowing blockchain startups to grow and raise funds seamlessly.

For more information about Anypad, please visit

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