Nunu Spirits IDO Whitelist

Nunu Spirits IDO Whitelist

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Is it possible to reduce CO2 and protect the environment while playing games? Let’s join Nunu Spirits — a blockchain game with green NFT that creates an environmentally friendly action.

Nunu Spirits is a play-to-earn game universe where each NFT you collect has the potential to grow into a real tree, planted in the real world. It combines the fun of casual gaming with the earning potential of blockchain and converts it into ecological action.

Joining in Nunu Spirits, players will collect charming nature spirits and play with them in an exciting world filled with party games, like parkour tag, racing, and capture the flag. The game emphasizes casual-style gameplay focusing on cooperative games and non-combat competitions. Additionally, players can design their home base, visit other players’ islands, leave surprise gifts, and expand the Nunu World.

Nunu Spirits takes place in a beautiful fantasy world but it’s more than that. The universe in Nunu is a mirror image of our own, and vice versa. Actions in the game world directly impact the actual world by planting real trees. The more trees grown in reality expands the game universe.

The NFT assets in Nunu Spirits are being created in 3D using a full-featured 3D engine. NFT holders can print their NFTs at home using 3D printers, and gaming scenes will be easily adaptable to enable VR/AR/XR.

On the Red Kite launchpad, the Nunu Spirits IDO for $NNT will take place on January 20, 2022, . Let’s stay tuned to our social channels for more information about whitelist registration and a detailed schedule.

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