Players Art IDO Whitelist

Players Art IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We’re excited to announce that the Players Art public sale whitelisting registration is now open! By staking our Governance token ($BSL) or participating in our Yield Farming program, you may be a part of this special event. Do you need a step-by-step guidance on how to take the advantage of our deal? Check out the full thread here 👇

1. Getting Whitelisted

Mandatory tasks

  1. Follow @PlayersArt & @BSClaunchorg on Twitter, and join the Players Art & BSClaunch Telegram community / Telegram Channel
  2. Retweet this activity on twitter with these hashtags: #BSClaunch #PlayersArt #NFT $BSL $PLAYR and tag3 friends on our post
  3. Users are required to lock an amount of tokens equivalent to the corresponding tier in B-Stake or participated in B-Farm in order to get whitelisted
  4. Fill your information in this form:

2. Deal information

Ticker: PLAYR
Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total supply: 30 Million $PLAYR
Initial Marketcap: 800,000 USD

Deal Price: $0.3
Total raise in Public sale: $150,000
Participants: Ranked members
Contribution currency: BUSD

Public-sale vesting schedule: 25% at TGE, following months 25%
Claiming details: Claim on BSClaunch claiming site
Listing Date: 7 January 2021
Claiming date: 7 January 2021
Listing Price: $0.3
Listing on: TBA

Whitelist opening: Monday, 3January 2021
Whitelist closing: Wednesday, 5 January 2021
Sale date: 6th December, 2021
No KYC required

3. Fundraising rounds

Round 1 (Guaranteed)
The fundraising duration will takes place within the first 30 minutes and only Gold members and above can participate; Investors participate in this round can contribute max 20% of their allocation.

Round 1 duration: 14:00–14:30 UTC

Round 2 (FCFS)
This round will take place right after the guaranteed round ends, and lasts 10 minutes; Whitelisted members can participate in this round.

For members who have contributed 20% of their total allocation in the Guaranteed round, they will be able to contribute the remaining 80% of their total allocation as FCFS in this round.

Round 2 duration: 14:30–14:40 UTC

Round 3 (Extra)
In case the pool are not filled after the first 2 pools, the Extra pool will be opened within 15 minutes so that the whitelisted members can re-contribute 100% of their allocation.

Round 3 duration: 14:40–14:55 UTC

Fundraising duration: 14:00–14:55 UTC

4. BSClaunch Mechanism and more!

💻 Mechanism: Click here

🔑 Lock BSL: Click here

🌾 Stake LP Tokens: Click here

🔎 Connect Metamask Wallet: Click here

Players.Art is a decentralized protocol that offers NFT’s with Real World Utility in a neutral platform that the community will govern and own.

  • LitePaper: Players.Art LitePaper (
  • BSClaunch Research: An indept overview about Players Art (Coming soon)

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