Plutonians Giveaway

Plutonians Giveaway

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Welcome to Plutonians x Seedify | $5000 PLD Giveaway

is a forthcoming Metaverse (VR + crypto) space strategy game that blends elements of strategy RPG (Homeworld), shooter action (Escape Velocity), multiplayer PvE (Destiny style raids), and social alternate reality games (Discord, VR Chat, etc). $PLD is the Plutonians’s governance token.

💎 The highly awaited¬†Plutonians¬†IGO¬†will take place on Seedify’s Launchpad on the 12th of February.

To celebrate this IGO we’re giving away $5000 worth of PLD¬†🔥

🔸¬†Campaign 1: Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to Win from $4500

Follow the steps below and become one of the 45¬†winners¬†who will get $100 worth of PLD¬†¬†👊

🔸¬†Campaign 2: Invite Friends to Share $500¬†
Invite your friends to join the campaign with the below referral link,  and the top 2 referrers will get $250 worth of PLD.

Click here to register
💡Follow the steps below to enter: more actions = more chances to win ✌️
Note: the award distribution will happen 2 weeks after the TGE.


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