PolkaPets IDO Whitelist

PolkaPets IDO Whitelist

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We are proud to announce that PolkaPets will partner with Red Kite to launch its IDO for $PETS this month. Let’s find out why PolkaPets is an outstanding project and how it works.

PolkaPets is an NFT collectible card where each pet (PolkaPet) represents a project on the PolkaPet ecosystem and owns a special utility corresponding to the projects’ features. Also, each pet is a core factor in unlocking in-game functions, other DeFi platforms, and future products.

PolkaPets ecosystem’s utility token is $PETS used for staking, governance, and in-game activities. When staking, players are rewarded with NFTs, tokens, and even merch. Besides, players have the right to vote for their favorite projects, artwork, game direction, and even rewards, thanks to the token’s governance feature. Embarking on the game, players can earn from project products, in-game quests, and voting.

Each PolkaPet is created to attract card collectors and competitive game enthusiasts. Various public sales for PolkaPet cards and new games will be released soon to the community.

  • Public sales for cards:

The public sales for PolkaPet cards will be launched to benefit its project and the PolkaPet Foundation, a DAO providing grants to new DeFi projects via a voting system. PolkaPet card winners can vote for the recipients who will control their money in the future’s invested applications and technology for NFTs.

  • Release new games:

PolkaPets project will introduce mini-games based on NFT cards to its community shortly. Gamers can enter a world of powerful pets with plenty of game quests. The time for taking part in battlefields and earning rewards is coming soon.

In general, the PolkaPet characters are the first step for users to own their crypto-collectibles in our real world. The collectibles will bridge digital assets and tangible cards, helping demand expansion for NFTs in the developed space.

On October 26, PolkaPets will collaborate with Red Kite to conduct its IDO for $PETS. Stay tuned to our official channels to receive information about whitelist registration and the detailed IDO schedule.

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