ProtoReality Airdrop

ProtoReality Airdrop

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Exclusive! $25,000 ProtoReality Airdrop 🤖 2000 Winners will Share $20,000 USDT worth of tokens🤖 Worth of #OP Tokens

🔥$25,000 ProtoReality Giveaway🔥


ProtoReality Games and Derivative

Welcome to Derivative Outstation 119. A parallel metaverse where the integration of journey, entertainment, commerce, and communication take precedence. In a world where your characters’ growth fuels your passion for the new and interesting, players come together to unlock the story of a dystopian cityscape future

Simply follow the steps in the form to enter in the airdrop and earn more points by performing all the challenges provided.
Most importantly bring more referrals.
There are 2 Levels of Rewards.
🔥 Reward LEVEL 1 🔥
The Top 20 users with the most points will earn the following rewards in tokens:
🥇Top User: $1000 USD 🥇
🥈2nd: $750 USD 🥈
🥉3rd: $500 USD 🥉
🏆4th – 20th: $750 USD will be distributed among these users 🏆
🔥 Reward LEVEL 2 🔥
2000 additional users will receive a share from $22,000 USD in tokens
Joining Telegram and Twitter groups are mandatory to receive your rewards.
🚫 Fake accounts/bots will be rejected. 🚫
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