$SNFTS / $SFUND Farm Celebration Giveaway

$SNFTS / $SFUND Giveaway

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Welcome to the $SNFTS / $SFUND Farm Celebration Giveaway  🎉

1 million $SNFTS and 10,000 $SFUND 🙀

🎉 To celebrate our upcoming $SNFTS airdrop and the highly rewarding farming pools, we’re giving away 10K $SNFTS and 100 SFUND each to 100 winners! 

The rewards will allow winners to enter the $SNFTS Farming Pools from the first hours of the launch!💰

🔸 Campaign 1: Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to Win from 1 Million $SNFTS and 10K SFUND

Follow the steps below and become one of the 100 winners who will get

10K $SNFTS and 100 SFUND. 👊

Click here to register


💡More actions = more chances to win


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