Step Hero IDO Whitelist

Step Hero IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Whitelist for IDO Step Hero on LaunchZone will officially open at 3:00 A.M UTC August 3rd and close at 16:00 UTC August 13th.

Subscribers to the LaunchZone whitelist can also participate in the Whitelist Referral Program to receive NFT rewards from Step Hero.

Whitelist Details

  • Whitelist link: (Attendees will only be able to register for the IDO Step Hero whitelist on LaunchZone through this link.)
  • Whitelist opened at: 3:00 UTC on August 3rd
  • Whitelist closed at: 16:00 UTC on August 13th
  • Whitelist result announced at: 8:00 UTC August 14th
  • Total number of whitelisted spots: 500
  • Max contribution/Wallet address: $100

How to register for whitelist?

  • Step 1: Access this Whitelist link
  • Step 2: Create a whitelist account & verify your whitelist account. Instruction: Link
  • Step 3: Complete the whitelist missions, including:
  1. Join Step Hero’s Announcement Channel on Telegram: Link
  2. Join Step Hero’s Telegram Group: Link
  3. Follow Step Hero on Twitter: Link
  4. Retweet this post with hashtags #StepHero $HERO: Link
Step Hero IDO Whitelist on LaunchZone
  • Step 4: After successful whitelist registration, you will receive a referral link. Share this referral link to as many people as possible for a chance of receiving valuable NFT rewards from our Whitelist Referral Program.

Whitelist Referral Rewards

The 20 referrers with the highest number of whitelist participants will receive NFTs from Step Hero’s NFT Treasure Chest Opening Program. The rewards will be sent when this program is launched after Step Hero completes the IDO.

  • Top 1: 5 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 2: 3 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 3: 2 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 4 — Top 10: 1 Premium Treasure Chest
  • Top 11 — Top 20: 1 Basic Treasure Chest


The $HERO token is not a guarantee or a financial instrument within the securities or other laws of any nation. The $HERO is not a guarantee of any kind and does not represent any right to vote, manage or share the profits of any legal entity. $HERO token does not represent the ownership of any physical asset and will not be refundable.