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Toyo x Seedify | $5000 TOYO Giveaway

Welcome to Toyo x Seedify | $5000 TOYO Giveaway 🥳

Toyo starts as a play-to-earn strategic PVP/PVE blockchain fighting game with NFT action-figure characters, body parts, and item ownership.
It is thematically inspired by the toys of many generations’ childhoods🪁
💎 The highly awaited Toyo IGO will take place on Seedify’s Launchpad on February 22. 
To celebrate this IGO we’re giving away $5000 worth of TOYO🔥

🔸 Campaign: Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to Win from $5000

Follow the steps below and become one of the 100 winners who will get

$50 worth of TOYO.

more actions = more chances to win ✌️


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