Trickle Private Sale Whitelist

Trickle Private Sale Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We have massive news to share with the PAID community! Trickle will launch only the second-ever private sale on Ignition. Cosmos Tier users who have successfully whitelisted are guaranteed allocation in the upcoming sale.

Trickle simplifies DeFi by giving users access to a friendly, feature-rich tool that supports users’ crypto experience. With its open-source smart contract-based platform created by developers for everyone, anyone can use it!

📝 Private Sale Whitelist Open: October 9, 2021, 1PM UTC.

🔐 Private Sale Whitelist Close: October 14, 2021, 11AM UTC.

➡️ Join the Private sale Whitelist on Ignition.

Trickle — the last dashboard you’ll ever need

Without the right expertise or backing in specific areas of the development process, many start-ups face persistent problems trying to launch their product. This can be especially frustrating if the idea is promising!

Some of the barriers to entry include:

  • Difficulty understanding smart contracts
  • Lack of marketing and correct exposure
  • Centralized ideas counter to the ethos of decentralization in crypto

With the streamlined design of their platform, Trickle’s vision combats the above challenges and introduces a seamless platform and interface which enhances usability and reduces complication.

With no coding necessary to deploy smart contracts and an incentive ecosystem built on top of it all; users are encouraged to be participants within the protocol rather than just direct products.

Increased accessibility for users and developers

Users can enjoy participating in multiple pools through the Trickle app and mint and own individual NFTs. All while enjoying the ability to create their own pools.

Developers can reap the benefits of a platform that requires minimal development time. With custom fees being generated from the token utility, there are even more reasons for developers to take advantage of Trickle’s app.

Through the implementation of a white label solution, Trickle utilizes the following advantages:

  • Zero Knowledge: Users can set up pools easily without any coding experience.
  • Cheap: Pool contracts are deployed without the need to hire expensive developers
  • Secure: All pool contracts are audited, eliminating the necessity of paying hefty fees or long audit waiting times.
  • Fee-less: Trickle utilizes BSC or Layer-2 networks to provide free deployment pools before the migration to Substrate.

Imagine a world where users are in complete control of their ideas and finances. The possibilities are endless when using Trickle’s blockchain technology, letting users become entrepreneurs without compromising their trust as business owners.

With no need for developers, marketers, or coders, users can invest in developing their brand and platform while saving money on costly third parties.


To get your guaranteed private sale allocation for Cosmos tier, you must whitelist for the Trickle private sale and ensure your qualification per the PAID Network Lottery Rules, and must successfully KYC.*

Trickle on Ignition Private Sale Mechanics

  1. You must have a minimum of 1,000 $PAID in a single ERC-20 or BSC address
  2. Submit only one ERC-20 or BSC wallet address to be associated with one email address, and KYC verification. For Cosmos tiers, 150,000+ $PAID tokens must be consolidated into one ERC-20 or BSC address, and the wallet used in all entries needs to continue to contain these PAID tokens till the end of the Private Sale.
  3. Must Whitelist with full name (first name, last name) that is shown on the ID that will be used in the KYC process.
  4. You must not be part of Trickle’s list of KYC restricted territories.
  5. Successful Allocation winners (those who will receive their winning ticket and allocation confirmation through email) must KYC with Trickle’s official KYC vendor, even if you have already completed KYC for Ignition. (Trickle KYC Details to be provided upon receipt of confirmation)

Trickle Private Sale Details:

  1. Only one (1) Trickle private sale allocation will be given to successful lottery winners.
  2. Trickle Private Sale whitelist is separate from the Trickle public sale pools, which will be launching on Ignition at a later date.
  3. There are no pool tiers during a Private Sale, each whitelist entry has equal opportunity to be selected for the private sale via the whitelist lottery. As long as your PAID token balance is 1,000 or above, you have an equal chance to win.
  4. There are no guaranteed allocations for the Galaxy tier during a private sale, only Cosmos Tier entries will receive one (1) guaranteed allocation to a private sale.
  5. Cosmos holders are guaranteed 1 allocation but are eligible to win 1 more allocation through the regular whitelist lottery.
  6. Trickle Vesting period for private sale: — — -for more information on Trickle token economics HERE
  7. Lottery winners will be informed by email from the PAID Ignition team.
  8. Successful allocation winners will also be receiving KYC details and private sale purchase agreements from the Trickle team***
  9. PAID Ignition is not responsible for the distribution of private sale purchase agreements, Trickle tokens, KYC, and are not liable for any financial losses resulting from the Trickle private sale.
  10. You must have a minimum of $500 USD to be able to redeem your Private Sale allocation from the Trickle team.
  11. The Trickle Private Sale will not be an active pool on Ignition.

Got a Trickle Private Sale Allocation?

  1. Trickle will require you to KYC with their KYC provider and provide you with the Token Sale Agreement and the steps to complete the $H2O token sale.

*For applications to be considered valid, all applications must adhere to the PAID whitelist lottery rules, must pass PAID Ignition’s KYC process, and adhere to each project’s specific KYC requirements and country restrictions which varies per project on a case to case basis.

**The winners list will be given to Trickle. Trickle will send an email from their official address, for their own KYC Verification process and the issuance of the Token Sale Agreement. Ignition is not responsible for the distribution of any H2O tokens.

***Please stay vigilant and beware of scammers. The PAID Ignition team will be notifying allocation winners through our official e-mail address, the team will also be informing participants of the proper e-mail address Trickle will be contacting them with.

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