UpOnly Private Sale Whitelist

UpOnly Private Sale Whitelist

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UpOnly Taps Synapse.Network for Much-Anticipated IDO

Synapse.Network to host IDO for P2E disruptor and drive massive exposure


Play-to-earn disruptor UpOnly is excited to announce that it has entered into a landmark partnership with Synapse.Network. The highly-rated fundraising platform will conduct an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) for $UPO tokens in mid-December.

UpOnly is lining up to be the premier data directory for play-to-earn gaming and Metaverse projects, a product that is set to fill a crucial role as the space enters mainstream consciousness. UpOnly will also feature a decentralized prediction platform, the first of its kind to allow spectators to earn rewards for forecasting the outcome of gaming events.

Synapse.Network is a cross-chain fundraising platform that has yielded lucrative returns for investors across token sales for many high-profile DeFi, gaming, and Metaverse projects. Synapse identifies UpOnly as a highly disruptive project for the emerging play-to-earn economy and is delighted to devote its resources to further the development of the project.

UpOnly anticipates that the partnership with Synapse.Network will provide massive marketing exposure and engagement to help $UPO reach its full market potential. Further details regarding the IDO on Synapses.Network will be revealed in due course as we eagerly look forward to giving our loyal community access to support the project’s development.

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