Live Airdrops

Beta Test Duration:

February 15, 2022 at 12:00 UTC — February 28, 2022 at 12:00 UTC

1,000 Random Qualified Winners Only

Event Rules:

1. Invite your friends to participate in the WCH Beta Test through the Referral link;

2. The user logs in to the game through your link and both of you will receive test tokens;

3. Use the test tokens to enter the game and complete the test;

4. The more people you invite, the more rewards you will get.

Event Rewards:

20 Million $WCH (1,000 Random Qualified Winners Split Equally)

65 Mysterious Treasure Chests with the following distribution rules

For 1st to 5th place, 4 Treasure Chests each

For 6th to 10th place, 3 Treasure Chests each

For 11th to 20th place, 2 Treasure Chests each

For 21st to 30th place, 1 Treasure Chest each

WCH Public Beta Tutorial

Step 1: Claim BNB Test Coins


Visit the above URL to claim the BNB Test Coins, if you are unable to collect, please turn off the WIFI to refresh and try again.

Step 2: Add Test Network and Contract

A. Add Network

B. Networks>Add a Network

Network Name:BSC Testnet

New RPC URL:https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/

Chain ID:97

Currency Symbol:BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.bscscan.com/

Contract Address:
Hero: 0xcA9d5005C0fc80D1668c01a3C6eF923e2849a4c7
Potion: 0xC219939B9e52521FCc4F607f51705E54259f3E78
Key: 0xa0154627914C4F393EB530f64eA78874c9c59875
WCH: 0xc0ec13f4AFd7e31BBD0F516AC95222F13160287B
boxA: 0x326E2048F69F7121863661120387fE3dB43874d7
boxB: 0xB4e9393CEb951012f65A753bB7c495baEA6AE7E8
boxC: 0xb8ec3b13e7c3efbbe5f072aaf6acdc19a490542c

Step 3: Visit the WCH Airdrop Page


Event Description:

1. After sharing the Referral link, users will log in through your link and both parties will get test tokens;

2. Test tokens need to be collected manually to the wallet.

Step 4: After entering, link the wallet address and click on “Login”;

Step 5: Click to Claim Test Coins;

Step 6: Copy the Referral link and invite your friends to participate in the Test;

(The more users you invite, the more rewards you will get)

Step 7: Click “Game” to enter;

Step 8: Deposit the received WCH, Key and Treasure Chest;

Step 9: Open the Treasure Chest, get the Hero and go to the Hero interface to set the battle;

Step 10: Hero goes to PVP

After you draw a Hero, click on “PVP”, select the field, choose the Hero, pay the fee and go to battle;

Step 11: Hero Combat

You can choose skills to fight;

Step 12: If you win the battle, you can get experience and Treasure Chest pieces, and more rewards for winning streaks.

Event Description:

After proceeding to Step 6 of the process, you can get your own exclusive invitation link, and invite your friends to participate through the link to have a chance to get the public test reward.

The more people you invite, the more chances you have to get the rewards.

WCH Official Website: http://wch.gg/