Wizardia Airdrop

Wizardia Airdrop

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HUGE Wizardia Airdrop: $10 250 USDT, 135 winners

The futuristic fantasy realm of Wizardia lives within a shattered reality filled with mystical powers that have NFTs at their core. As players fight to survive the fog, their efforts are rewarded with in-game currency that translates to real-world profits.


🧙 30 Arena Genesis NFTs worth $175 USDT each 🧙
🏆 20 X $100 USDT

🏆 35 X $50 USDT

🏆 50 X $25 USDT


Click here to participateĀ 

Step 1:Ā Enter your email address to participate.
Step 2:Ā Complete extra tasks to increase your chances of winning.
Get ready for a taste of Wizardia magic that keeps on giving!
🌐 Website:Ā https://wizardia.io

🔗 Official links:Ā https://linktr.ee/wizardia