Wizardia IDO Whitelist

Wizardia IDO Whitelist

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Wizardia IDO Witelist on TrustFi

Dear community, we will hold Wizardia IDO on TrustFi Launchpad on March 21st.

In this article, we will share information and insight on Wizardia, and the details to our IDO which will be held on TrustFi Launchpad.

👉Make sure¬†to¬†read¬†our¬†March IDO Calendar Article¬†to learn about eligibility rules, Tier levels, allocations and more!

IDO Details

Two ways to participate in the IDO:

👉Buy and Stake at least 5,000 $TFI before Snapshot Date¬†(March 20th) in Tier System Pool at¬†TrustFi Farmer.
🏆🔥Join our Gleam competition🔥🏆 for a chance to¬†win Allocation for Wizardia IDO:¬†https://bit.ly/36t2RgO¬†(Top 10¬†wins¬†$200 alloc.,¬†Lucky 100¬†wins¬†$30 alloc.)

Ticker: $WZRD
BSC & Solana (distributed on BSC)
IDO Date: 
March 21st
IDO Window:¬†2 PM ‚ÄĒ 8 PM UTC
Snapshot Date: 
March 20th
Snapshot Time: Unannounced
IDO Price: 
Pool Size: 
$50,000.00 ($5,000 reserved to Gleam)
TGE/Listing Date: 
March 24, 2022 on PancakeSwap (CEX TBA)
Initial Market Cap: $332K
Initial Circulating Supply: 2.77M
Total Supply: 300M
20% at TGE month (daily vesting) , 5 months vesting total
Contract Address: TBA

Wizardia (WZRD) Research Page

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) online RPG and strategy game that allows players to participate in a variety of multiplayer activities while rewarding player effort and time for participating in the rich lore of Wizardia. The project team hosts incredible artistic talents that were involved in some of the most popular AAA game projects such as the Call of Duty series.The game design is built on three core features:

  1. Innovative, turn-based combat
  2. Game evolution driven by player decisions
  3. Base-building with a sophisticated economy model

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  • Players have¬†various ways¬†to engage in¬†P2E¬†activities through¬†$WZRD¬†tokens as the game‚Äôs in-game¬†currency¬†and¬†2 different types¬†of¬†NFTs¬†supporting the game balance. The game treats players‚Äô¬†time,¬†effort¬†and¬†money as equal¬†investments and offer¬†exciting gameplay analogous to¬†some of the game industry¬†giants¬†for an¬†optimal¬†player experience.
  • The game¬†economy design¬†will be familiar to players who played¬†Travian,¬†Clash of Clans, or¬†Eve Online¬†where¬†markets, as well as¬†industrial¬†and¬†commercial¬†activities are the¬†engine¬†of the economy and are¬†dominated by player activity¬†with minimum outside involvement.
  • Wizardia‚Äôs inspirations¬†and¬†analogs:

–¬†Mechanically similar games: RAID: Shadow Legends (mobile), Age of Magic: RPG (mobile), Ruined King: LoL Story, Battle Chasers, Darkest Dungeon, Bravely Default II, Banner Saga Trilogy, Star Renegades
Thematically similar games: RAID: Shadow Legends, Age of Magic: RPG, Ruined King: LoL Story
Visually similar games: Age of Magic: RPG

🔷1 ‚ÄĒ What is Unique About Wizardia?

With the recent boom of Metaverse and GameFi, the market experienced a rush of projects for funding to ride the hype. However, many projects lacked proper preparation, talent pool, pre-funding work, valuable design, and key economy components. Wizardia boasts with its carefully designed and balanced game economy, stunning visuals, and rich lore that dates back a decade in the minds of its creators.
👉Click Here¬†to read about¬†Wizardia‚Äôs Lore!

Wizardia distinguishes itself from these games significantly through:

  • 1) AAA Blockchain Game:¬†Wizardia Team has¬†talents¬†that previously worked on some of the most¬†popular video game projects¬†and¬†prestigious international companies. Having such a talent pool at its disposal, Wizardia Team is committed to build a valuable blockchain game with¬†stunning visuals¬†and a¬†sustainable, expertly designed¬†game economy.
    Through many strong channels including fees, tournaments, spell creation, construction, and more; Wizardia collects in-game currency and distributes back into the game through Staking, Quests, Game and Event Rewards.
  • 2) Play-2-Earn (P2E):¬†Wizardia treats¬†time,¬†effort, and¬†money¬†as¬†equally¬†valid investments. Players may choose a single method of earning their token share or get creative and mix several approaches together.
    The game offers many ways of play-2-earn mechanism, from renting and selling Wizards NFTs to passive income and PvP. Wizardia is developing Scholarship features for P2E to work with strong guilds.
  • 3) Diverse & Satisfying Gameplay:¬†In the world of Wizardia, players will be able to engage in a¬†diverse range¬†of¬†activities,¬†all¬†of which offer¬†P2E¬†capabilities. These include¬†PvP¬†and¬†PvE combat¬†in turn-based strategy form which¬†requires¬†skilled¬†use of resources and careful planning;¬†construction¬†and¬†base building¬†to unlock more gameplay and to earn¬†passive income,¬†NFT¬†character and item¬†upgrades, and many more including a¬†secret feature¬†to be¬†revealed¬†later!
  • 4) Multi-NFT Structure:¬†Wizardia aims to excel in every way, and in line with this ideal, the game was designed and developed with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) acting as its very core. These¬†NFTs¬†are unique virtual assets that have¬†various¬†in-game¬†use¬†and¬†purposes¬†while having real-world value.

🔷2 ‚ÄĒ Gameplay & NFTs

As highlighted before, the game design aims to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all players. In the recent months, the GameFi sector has been flooded with projects that offer outdated, non-fulfilling gameplay with unoriginal mechanics, visual assets, and tokenomics. Wizardia will shine among its peers through its innovative mix of desirable gameplay aspects and mechanics:

  • Turn-based Strategy:¬†Similar in mechanical nature to Shadow RAID: Shadow Legends and Heroes of Might and Magic, both of which are extremely prominent games;¬†Wizardia¬†offers a world of¬†diverse¬†combat¬†and¬†engagement possibilities¬†in¬†both PvE and PvP¬†environment. The¬†turn-based¬†combat model¬†rewards¬†the¬†effective use¬†of¬†resources¬†and careful¬†planning.
  • Innovative Play-2-Earn:¬†Players have¬†many opportunities¬†to¬†earn¬†rewards, mainly in $WZRD¬†tokens (utility currency) using various resources including time and effort. Habitants of Wizardia will mainly be able to¬†earn¬†through¬†time investments¬†(farming, producing, selling valuable resources),¬†wonder constructions¬†(NFT buildings that act as a source for power and passive income),¬†Wizard progression¬†(increasing power and stats of Wizard NFTs add value to them), and¬†Protospell discoveries¬†(usable and tradable NFTs).
  • Non-Fungible Tokens:¬†Wizard NFTs are the in-game characters, players engage in¬†activities¬†through these NFTs and¬†earn¬†from completing in-game tasks by their hands. As the basis of progression in the game, players will be able to train and unlock¬†unique skills¬†for their Wizards, increasing their¬†stats¬†and¬†value. Wizard NFTs can be¬†rented,¬†transferred¬†and¬†sold.
    Wizardia Realm hosts many kinds of NFTs to create a colorful gameplay, including Wizard NFTs, Protospell NFTs (crafting recipes), Anchor Lands, and Realm Wonder NFTs (teleport capabilities).
  • Base-building:¬†Habitants of Wizardia who own Anchored Lands can engage in base-building activities,¬†earn¬†passive income and resources and establish a¬†home¬†for their Wizards. Through this¬†exciting gameplay¬†feature, residents can:¬†Grow crops,¬†farm resources,¬†fight¬†lurking¬†threats;¬†Build,¬†Expand,¬†Explore!
  • Crafting:¬†Players will be able to¬†combine Reagents, which are the building blocks of any¬†recipe (Protospell NFTs), to¬†craft various items. Different¬†combinations¬†result in different yields, which¬†rewards experimentation¬†and¬†effort¬†in an exciting way. Players can utilize public recipes or discover their own recipes during crafting. Reagents can be obtained through¬†scavenging,¬†farming,¬†fighting, or¬†purchasing¬†in markets!

🔷4 ‚ÄĒ Tokenomics

Through Wizardia Token ($WZRD) Flow (Wizardia’s utility token), fees are collected via various in-game mechanics and redistributed back into the game through Vaults. $WZRD tokens can be used for purchasing and selling items, staking, crafting/construction, and rewards for a diverse range of activities.

$WZRD collection: Transaction fees, Tournaments, Protospell discovery, Real Wonder construction, Wizard legacies.
$WZRD distribution: Staking, Quest completion, PvP and PvE rewards, Event participation.

🔷5 ‚ÄĒ Roadmap

  • Accomplished Milestones

– Visual assets
– Game design
– Team
– Tokenomics design
– Community (50K)

  • Q1 2022

– Launchpad + DEX/CEX Listing
– Staking Program
– Revenue Generation NFT Sale
– Smart Contract Audit

  • Q2 2022

– Tournament System
– Battle Arena Closed Beta
– Path of the Champion
– Global Tournament ($1M Prize)
– Community reaches 100K
– Wizard NFT Sales

  • Q3 2022

– Tier 1 CEX Listing
– Path of the Leader
– Second Stage of Gameplay
– Pet Battle tournaments
– Marketplace
– Smart Contract Audit
– Community reaches 250K
– Pet Battle launch

  • Q4 2022

– Full Game launch
– VR/AR Integration
– Mobile App
– Community reaches 500K

🔷6 ‚ÄĒ Partners & Backers

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