XANA Community Airdrop

XANA Community Airdrop

Live Airdrops

 $5000 worth of $DAO Token will be given to 50 lucky winners! A surprise draw to celebrate!

Celebrate What you might ask…. 🎁

To celebrate its first incubation of 2022, DAO Maker is excited to offer everyone a chance to be part of a unique community drop. A treat that happens once in a lifetime!

Get ready.

After our successful accelerations of 2021:
  • Victoria VR.
  •  Gold Fever
  •  Gamestarter
  •   XCAD Network
  •  EpikPrime
  •  DeRace
  •  Lossless
  •  IPAD
We are excited to kick off 2022 with

🔥 XANA Metaverse 🔥

A sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with ALL popular wallets, bridged with ALL major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands!

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