YAY Games IDO Whitelist

YAY Games IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Following up on our latest announcement regarding the upcoming Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on the TruePnl platform, we are now opening up the whitelisting process to everyone interested in participating!

Weā€™ve received a tremendous amount of support from both communities and following a successful private sale round, we now know that the gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) communities believe in YAY Gamesā€™ vision to merge both sectors and bring the best of both worlds into a unified platform!

In order to participate in the IDO, you will need to secure your spot on the TruePnl x YAY games whitelist and complete the tasks described below.

Whitelist Lottery Details:

YAY Games IDO whitelist will open on Wednesday, June 16th at 03:00 PM UTC and close on August 1st at 00:00 AM UTC.

Pool details:

  • Tokens to be distributed in a Lottery Pool: 2,000,000 $YAY
  • Price per token: 0,0125 BUSD
  • Allocation per winning ticket: 125 USDT / 10,000 $YAY
  • 1 tickets = 125 USDT (BSC chain)
  • Amount of tickets: 200
  • Max. winning tickets per user: 3

How to apply:

  1. Open https://launchpad.truepnl.com/app
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Press Whitelist Button and follow all the conditions below
  4. Join TruePNL Telegram group and Twitter
  5. Join YAY Games Telegram group and Twitter
  6. Pass KYC procedure before claiming tokens

Apply here.

About True Pnl

True PNL is a social crypto trading platform that aims to democratize trading activities. It breaks down the barriers to cryptocurrency trading through an easy access robot-trading platform and suite of financial services.

The analytical tools and statistics available on True PNL will allow investors to make more informed decisions when copying trades, while traders will get passive income from their strategies.

Read more on the official WebsiteTwitterTelegram, and Medium.

About YAY Games

YAY is a decentralized gaming marketplace designed for gamers, traders, and farmers that merges the gaming sector with decentralized finance.

YAY, at its core, is a gaming marketplace platform that is introducing multiple games in a decentralized way, utilizing blockchain technology to diminish the gap between games and decentralized finance.

We bring the regular gamer into the blockchain by adding innovative in-game mining mechanics, farming pools, and non-fungible tokens to casual games. Thus, rewarding the user based on the number of games played, achievements accomplished, tournaments, and more.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on TwitterTelegram, and Medium.