Alpha Impact Dual IDO Whitelist

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SuperFarm community, we know the markets have been rough as of late. That’s why we decided to double down on our efforts to deliver you even more impactful opportunities — with the first Cardano project coming up on SuperStarter!

In collaboration with our partners at CardStarter, we will bring the first co-IDO to SuperStarter: Alpha Impact, a next-generation DeFi trading and investing platform. SuperFarm is thrilled to give our community access to this tier-1 project!

SuperStarter Whitelist Rules:

DeFi on Cardano Could Be the Next Big Thing

In recent months, we have seen significant innovation and countless new projects in the DeFi space. While use cases and adoption are expanding exponentially, the dominant layer 1 blockchain, Ethereum, has been confronted with throughput limitations and high gas fees.

That’s why more scalable layer 1 protocols such as Cardano have come into the focus of innovative DeFi projects, which are anticipating Cardano’s smart contract roll-out in 2021 Q1.

Alpha Impact: A Non-Custodial Social Trading and DeFi Platform

One of these projects is Alpha Impact. While many emerging projects are just copying existing DeFi protocols running on Ethereum and bringing them to other chains like BSC, Polygon, and soon Cardano, Alpha Impact is a true innovator in the DeFi space:

The project is building a full suite of DeFi applications with the vision to democratize investing and provide tools for everyone — both small fish and whales. Alpha Impact will cater to crypto investors looking for the best strategies and also traders seeking to monetize their skills:

  • Users will be able to use several products, including spot, leverage, options, and various DeFi strategies.
  • Thanks to Alpha Impact’s proprietary non-custodial copy-trade technology, users will be able to follow the strategies of other successful traders — while always preserving ownership of their funds.

Team & Backers of Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact’s team is composed of seasoned professionals who have been working in the blockchain and finance space for several years:

  • CEO and Co-Founder Hayden Hughes has worked for crypto companies such as and Techemy and has gained a wealth of experience in the blockchain industry. Hughes, who has a background in law, also acts as blockchain advisor to Antler, a global VC fund that invested in Alpha Impact.
  • CPTO Austin Chaird is a banking technologist with 15 years of experience, ex-VP at JPMorgan and Macquarie Bank, and has built trade processing systems for a billion-dollar hedge fund.
  • Among Alpha Impact’s backers are Genesis Block Ventures, LuneX Ventures, Solidity Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, Axia8, Krypital, Bigcoin Vietnam, Spark Capital, Rarestone Capital, Fomocraft, LVT Capital, and Petrock Ventures.

$IMPACT Token Utility

At the heart of Alpha Impact’s ecosystem lies the $IMPACT token, which has the following utility:

  • Primary payment method on the platform
  • Access to platform features
  • Discounts
  • Yield Farming

$IMPACT Tokenomics

Token ticker: $IMPACT

Total supply: 424’128’123

IDO Price: $0.1

Initial market cap on listing: $680,000


Team and Advisors: 0% released on TGE, linear vesting after 3-month cliff over 48 months

LP and Staking Rewards: 1 week cliff, distributed weekly or burned over 4 years.

Partnerships: 1 month cliff, 33.3% unlocking on month 1, linear vesting over 6 months.

Seed Round: 0% released on TGE, 1 month cliff, linear vesting over 6 months.

Private Round 1: 0% released on TGE, 1 month cliff, linear vesting over 6 months.

SuperStarter IDO: 100% released on TGE

CardStarter IDO: 100% released on TGE

Full $IMPACT token metrics can be found: HERE

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