Battle Saga IDO Whitelist

Battle Saga IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Due to the overwhelming support from the community, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of the BTL Token launch week which begins in two days across five different top-tier launch pads. They are the top IDO fundraising platforms according to launchpads and IDO platforms ranked by current and all-time high ROI in Cryptorank. The IDO starts with Multipad on Dec 22nd, 8:30am UTC, followed by Synapse Network at 9am UTC and Polkabridge at 2PM UTC. The next day of the 23rd begins with Roseon Finance at 9am UTC, DuckStarter at 2PM and Pancake at 4PM UTC. The last day of the 24th begins on MEXC at 3pm UTC.

The DEX initial offering (IDO) is the next fund-raising step to continue to grow our community. $BTL will be paired with USDT as it goes live for IDO price at $0.12 and will be listed publicly on Pancakeswap at $0.14.

CAUTION: There are multiple fake Battle Saga Token (BTL) telegram groups, be aware of scams! Battle Saga will never DM you or ask for payment.

Official Battle Saga token contract address:


Day 1:

Wednesday Dec 22 | Battle Saga IDO $BTL on, Multipad

The first Battle Saga Initial DEX offering (IDO) starts at 8:30am UTC on Multipad

Key Information:

Whitelist is now open for @BattleSagaio

Snapshot 1 : 17th December 5 PM UTC

Snapshot 2 : 21st December 5 PM UTC

For the whitelist fill up the form: /

Hold 200K+ $MPAD for guaranteed allocation.

Wednesday Dec 22 | Battle Saga IDO $BTL on, Synapse Network

The Second Battle Saga Initial DEX offering (IDO) starts at 9:30am UTC on Synapse Network

Key Information:

Flash IDO Sale competition has officially started!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a $SNP staker or not, still you can win an extra spot in the Gleam competition!

Wednesday Dec 22nd | Battle Saga IDO $BTL on Polkabridge

The Third Battle Saga Initial DEX offering (IDO) starts at 2:00 PM UTC on Polkabridge

Key Information:

Launchpad: /

Tier system:

IDO registration form ( MUST STAKE AND FILL THE FORM ) : /

Day 2.

Thursday Dec 23rd | Battle Saga IDO $BTL on Roseon:

The Fourth Battle Saga Initial DEX offering (IDO) starts at 9:00 AM UTC on RoseonPad

Key Information:

Roseon Pad now holding #IAO on #RoseonPad this Dec 23rd.

Sign-up on our #whitelist campaign: ://

Thursday Dec 23rd | Battle Saga IDO $BTL on Roseon:

The Fifth and the last Battle Saga Initial DEX offering (IDO) starts at 2:00 PM UTC on DuckStarter.

Key Information:

Express Whitelisting for Battle Saga lasts only 48 hours!

Take action now to participate in this R-IDO on the 23rd of December! TGE same day.

Medium Article:

Whitelist Form:

Pancake Listing:

Key Information:

Listing at 4PM UTC, 23rd Dec, 2021.

Day 3:

Friday Dec 24 | Battle Saga IEO on MEXC

The third and final day of the launch week completes with MEXC at 3pm UTC. As one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms, MEXC provides users with one-stop services for digital assets as well as PoS staking and collaborates with top-tier security firms to secure the integrity of the user’s assets. This certainly will be the ultimate chance to get on board with Battle Saga.

The Battle Saga team would like to express our gratitude to the investors, strategic partners, KOLs and all the community for their incredible support. We look forward to our upcoming IDOs and to share further developments with the community.

Heated AMAs with Battle Saga CMO will be held across all the launchpads. Make sure to follow for first-hand news and join the AMAs.

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