Ashward Airdrop

Ashward Airdrop

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📋 Ashward is a general card game revolving around the never-ending battle between 3 races: Humans, Fairies and Monsters. Each character in the game Ashward has different weapons, attributes and parameters so you can use skills and strategies to arrange the squad during combat.

🔹 Total to earn per Participant: 10 ASC
🔹 Per Referrals: 3 ASC – Max ref: 300
🔹 Winners: 4000
3500 random winners & Top 500

🌐 Website:
📼 Audit: Verichain
📘 IDO: Poolz, GameFI, Mochi
📒 Partnership: Airdrop Ninja, Mochi Labs, sPhoton
📅 Airdrop end date: 01/03/2022
🏦 Distribution date: 08/03/2022

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