Atlas DEX IDO Whitelist

Atlas DEX IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Hello Solstarter community! We are delighted to announce the Whitelist for Atlas DEX’s upcoming IDO on Solstarter for $ATS is live now!

The Whitelisting process for Atlas DEX is not based on FCFS (First-Come-First-Served) so don’t feel any need to rush through the process.

An important disclaimer before you proceed. It is essential to double-check you are using our official website at all times:

Atlas DEX

Atlas is a cross-chain DEX aggregator built on the Solana blockchain.

It gives traders one simple UI map that aggregates liquidity across the AMMs, and lets users trade seamlessly between them.

Atlas solves the scalability setback by integrating Solana’s Wormhole tech. It is a leaderless, decentralised framework that relies on the consensus of the chains it bridges.

Atlas has integrated Solana, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, with AVAX and Terra planned for integration.

Through intricate design and deliberate intent, Atlas DEX also provides solutions to the slippage and price discrepancy setbacks.

  • Atlas gathers price data from available AMMs and then makes the appropriate division of assets to get the best price.
  • By splitting a single trade into multiple smaller trades across different platforms, Atlas provides the most efficient route with minimal slippage.

What’s more, you’ll save time otherwise spent manually lurching from platform to platform to get the best price.

Atlas DEX is the key that unlocks the full potential of DeFi.

You can find out more about Atlas DEX here.


We’ve strived to make the Whitelist as simple as possible by limiting the process to the completion of just one form.

Let’s go over each step detailed in the form:

Step 1: Make sure you have a supported Solana wallet. We support Sollet and Phantom. (DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS)

  • Don’t have one yet? No problem. Set up a Sollet or Phantom.

Step 2: Follow Solstarter on Twitter

  • If you’re not following us already, simply click the follow button!

Step 3: Follow Atlas DEX on Twitter here

Step 4: Join the Atlas DEX Discord here

Step 5: Join the Atlas DEX Telegram here

Step 6: (IMPORTANT) Like & Retweet the Atlas DEX Whitelist announcement tweet.

  • Go to our Twitter and Like/ Retweet the Atlas DEX announcement tweet that is pinned to the top of our feed. You can also find it here.

Step 7: Complete onboarding on the: Synaps Portal

  • Provide your email and Solana address
  • Provide KYC documents
  • Wait for Synaps verification to complete

That’s it! Once your KYC is verified, we will draw a lottery and Whitelisted addresses will be notified via email.

Note that at no time will Synaps, Solstarter or Atlas DEX ever ask for funds.

IDO Details

The IDO will be divided into 1,000 participants in total. On Friday 21st January, the whitelist will close and the participants will be selected following KYC verification. The IDO rate is $0.14 per ATS, with a lock period of 1 month then fully unlocked after that period. Note there will be an individual cap per user.

Continuing the Dialogue

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please engage in our various channels:

Important Disclaimer

Beware of Telegram, Online and Twitter groups trying to impersonate Solstarter. Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups.