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IDO Announcement – Verve: interactive streaming, reimagined!

🔥 The future of interactive content is here, and fully decentralized! Verve is giving power back to the people by empowering streamers, content creators, and viewers with a rewarding, user-owned, and future-proof platform.

🎥 As a streamer/creator, you are given all the tools to create the engaging, interactive content you’ve been dreaming of. When you start streaming, you start earning! There are no insane fees taken from streamer’s income, a NFT clipping tool for your iconic moments, a stream mirroring system, and more! As a viewer you’ll be able to watch and interact while earning! With Verve’s watch-to-earn system you’ll rack up $VERV just by hanging out with your favorite creators! Since being fueled by the Velas network, all transactions like donations or NFT purchases are nearly instant, secure, and at an ultra low fee!

🗓 IDO Date: January 20th

💰Initial marketcap: TBA

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