BlocksportNFT IDO Whitelist

BlocksportNFT IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Happy to announce that we have completed a $6 million fundraising with the support of many investors!

Thanks to Polygon for supporting Blocksport, we will soon complete the integration in the new public chain.

The IDO of BlocksportNFT will start at BSCstation on December 17th (4 AM-2 PM UTC).

Blocksport Team will continue to move forward and continue to complete the mission of linking the blockchain to the sports industry.

Please refer to the following information to participate in the first round of IDO on Blocksportļ¼

Step 1: Sign up on Fractal to start ID verification

Sing Up:

You can either sign up with your EMAIL or PHONE NUMBER

Step 2: Verify KYC on Fractal

a. You will need to complete PROOF OF ADDRESS


b. Then, you will need to complete WALLET CHECK

Pick your walletā€™s currency (which is Ethereum/ERC-20)
Enter your
ERC-20 Address

c. Complete Identification Verification

Select your ID type: Driverā€™s License/National ID/Passport
Upload your ID front and back Image
VERIFY MY DOCUMENT to confirm verification

d. Upload Selfie and Continue Authorization

Step 3: Join IDO on BSCStation


a. Buy $BSCS (Buy BSCS from our BSCSwap with BUSD)

b. Join the Farms (Stake BSCS Token or Farm LP tokens)

c. Join the pools (When the IDO Pools are live, you can join the IDO pools and pay the relevant funds.)

d. Claim your tokens (After the IDO sales finish, you can claim IDO tokens from the pool you have joined. Add the Official Contract Address of IDO tokens into your wallet.)

e.Blocksport contract address: 0xa350da05405cc204e551c4eed19c3039646528d5

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