Weld IDO Whitelist

Weld IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We take absolute pride in announcing our first ever IDO Launch taking place on AnyPad since its successful launch. As we mark another milestone we would like to appreciate all the support you as community members and investors have shown us throughout our budding process. We believe you are excited for this as we assure you that there is more to come.

We at ANYPAD are excited to let you know that WELD has planned to launch their IDO on 22nd September. WELD is an all digital payments provider whose primary aim is to bridge the worlds of Cryptocurrencies to our traditional financial payments system.

Be amongst the first ones to participate in the WELD IDO event by gathering all the necessary information shown below.

Why We Choose WELD?

WELD is an all digital assets payment provider that aims to act as a bridge which would connect the world of cryptocurrencies to our traditional financial payments system. In order to achieve this goal, Weld would issue Visa/Mastercards that would play a crucial role as it is connected directly to your preferred exchange, like using a normal bank card weld’s app would allow users from the eastern europe to make day-to-day payments backed by crypto exchanges via apple or google pay without incurring taxes or blockchain fees.

Weld money is the first crypto card service who has managed to negotiate with banks and regulators to provide their service in the Eastern europe region. Weld has also assured that in the future it will be available as a payments option on popular platforms such as Twitch, steam, TikTok etc.

AnyPad’s Review

Upon close examination and a rigorous vetting process we have understood the fact that WELD would serve as a great long term project and is expected to give high returns on a long term basis.

Bad news for “Short term Investors” as this wouldn’t be something of your taste. It would be better if you stay out of this if you have set your priorities only on short term projects.

Weld and its unique approaches..

  • Supports Major Prominent Exchanges
  • Allows Visa/Mastercard Premium Services
  • Provides Cashback and Credits Facilities
  • Provides 360 Degree View On Your Personal Finances
  • Available for Eastern Europe Clients
  • Easy and Hassle Free Crypto Payments
  • Zero Blockchain Fees or Taxes Incurred

IDO Details:
Token Sale of WELD — Will begin on 20th Sep 2021 and Ends on 22nd Sep 2021

This will provide an opportunity to ANYPAD Community to participate in distributing tokens by staking its native token $APAD.

As we are planning our very First IDO, we will only be doing this in our Private Pool. There will not be any Public pool or Bounty pool for this sale, as we are trying to provide maximum value to our Early ANYPAD Supporters.

Steps To Participate in Token Sale on ANYPAD

  • Hold $APAD or Stake them in STAR STRIKE pool

Apply for IDO by filling the Google Doc in the next 24 Hrs — Link

  • Buy $WELD Token (No Gas War, No FCFS) as per your allotted ticket size

Claiming of $WELD Tokens

Note — Users who have won the tickets can only buy $WELD

  • Time to Buy $WELD — It will be announced on our social channels.
  • Claiming of $WELD Tokens on ANYPAD — Pay BUSD BEP20 to Buy $WELD.

Details of $WELD Sale on ANYPAD

  • Total Sale — $50,000
  • Public Sale Price — $0.075
  • Vesting Period on the Public Sale Tokens: 20% at TGE, Rest 80% will be released in the next 4 months on a monthly unlock basis.
  • There is 0% release of SEED & PRIVATE Sale on TGE for WELD

For any clarifications regarding Private Pool allocation methodology and Tier Structure, Please refer to this article: Link