Busta IDO Whitelist

Busta IDO Whitelist

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Hello everyone,

We want to keep the community updated, so here are the up-to-the-minute changes on the IDO for BUSTA ($BUST).

Updated Tokenomics for $BUST IDO

Here’s a quick snapshot of BUSTA tokenomics as it stands. You can find the full Tokenomics as we gear up for the IDO here: Tokenomics

Sale Prices:
| Self-Funded
Strategic | $0.0033 | $1M
Private | $0.005 | $2.5M
IDO | $0.0107 | $3.75M
Total Raise | $7.25M

Unsold Tokens from Strategic and Private sales and IDO will be BURNED.

Projected Market Cap once soft cap is reached$1,265,275
Projected Market Cap if hard cap is reached$6,642,025

IDO profits
*100% of net IDO proceeds will go immediately back to benefit BUST holders:40% for the iGaming Platform Bankroll — bigger Bankroll means bigger winnings.
40% for additional Liquidity in BUST-BNB and BUST-BUSD LP trading pools.20% as BNB
 staking rewards for various pools — meaning you can stake BUST to earn BNB.

Updated/Revised IDO Schedule

You voiced your concerns. We listened. Interest is high, and the participation window may have been too restrictive for some in our community , so we have extended it with pre-participation features for Tiers 1 to 6, as well as an extended IDO participation period (from 1 day to 2 full days).

Whitelist Open Aug 12th
Whitelist Close Aug 23rd 14:00 UTC
Ido pre-participation Aug 23rd 14:00 UTC to 24th 14:00 UTC
Ido participation Aug 24th 14:00 UTC to 26th 14:00 UTC
Listing: Aug 31st, (Time TBD)

Tokens will be released 15min after Listing and will not be subject to any vesting period.

Whitelist link here: Whitelist

Tiers Allocation

Participants staking either $CFI or $CFI/ETH LP have a Guaranteed Allocation in the $BUST IDO, with allocation multipliers corresponding to the chart below:

The base allocation for BUSTA Tier 1 will be $350 in BUSD. Tier 2 will be able to contribute to a Maximum of $700 in BUSD etc. If you joined in our AMA last week and are as hyped on $BUST as we are, we encourage you to stake as much CFi as possible during the whitelist so that you can increase you allocation.

Whitelist link here: Whitelist

Users can stake $CFi at https://samurai.cyberfi.techUsers may upgrade their Tiers to increase their allocation as long as the whitelist of any IDO project is open.

Read more about the $CFi tiers for participation in our IDOs: Samurai Tiers.

Introducing “Tier 0” for BUSTA

As you may have noticed, BUSTA isn’t like our other IDOs you may have seen on the Samurai Launchpad before. For this IDO we have made some exceptions in order to include ALL token holders, regardless of staking status.

We have decided to open our First “Tier 0” pool as an FCFS pool with no pre-requisite for participation.
This pool will be open for E VERYONE, including non-stakers. Any token holder may participate and receive $BUST tokens prior to listing.


The Rules for “Tier 0”:
– It will be FCFS with $200K dollars (BUSD) maximum total contribution the pool.
– It will be limited to $25 dollars (BUSD) maximum contribution per wallet.
– The pool will not be available for pre-participation.
– Whitelist is not necessary, but Tier 0 will not include an NFT drop.

We want every member of the CyberFi/Samurai community to enjoy the benefits of our popular Launchpad, and we hope Tier 0 will encourage more members in our community to stake CFi for all types of surprises, rewards, and increased allocations to all IDOs.

The Whitelist and NFT Drop

While this IDO will not be subject to KYC, All Samurai Stakers from Tier 1 to Tier 6 MUST be whitelisted. Additionally, the BUSTA and CyberFi/Samurai teams are rewarding the community for participating in staking and enduring the whitelisting process.

Once the IDO has concluded, we will choose 10 random whitelisted wallets out of those who have contributed to the BUSTA IDO at the maximum allocation, and reward them with Special Edition Samurai / BUSTA IDO NFTs + $100 USD of $BUST prizes.

Here is what the NFTs will look like:

Additionally, we collaborated with the BUSTA team to reward loyal community members for bullish support.

Every participant who invests more than $5,000 to the IDO will enter into a lottery for a chance to win a highly-coveted Golden Samurai NFT.

5x Gold Edition Samurai / BUSTA IDO NFTS + $200 USD of BUST prizes (airdropped post IDO)

This Special NFT will be available for Tier 5 and 6 participants who invest more than $5,000 in the IDO. Those in lower tiers interested in participating will still be able to upgrade tiers until the whitelist closes.

Behold, our Golden Samurai NFT:

Good luck to all participants!


About Samurai:

Samurai by CyberFi is a full suite Decentralized Cross-Chain Crowdfunding Launchpad & Stakepad built for the evolution of Defi.

CyberFi Website: https://cyberfi.tech/

Samurai Website: https://samurai.cyberfi.tech

Telegram: https://t.me/cyberfi_tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyberfi_tech

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